Best Family Telugu Movies [Recently Updated]

Best Family Telugu Movies: Family Movies makes all the family members come together and watch at one place. Lot of Telugu Family movies are available. Some directors like K. Vishwanath and Sekhar Kammula mostly make Family Drama. Here we are giving you the best Selected Telugu Family movies list watch it and enjoy.

Best Family Telugu Movies

Best Family Telugu Movies

Sl.No Movie Name
1 Mithunam
2 Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu
3 Bommarillu
4 Murari
5 Brindavanam
6 Manam
7 Sankranthi
8 Mr. Perfect
9 Atharintiki Daredi

1.Mithunam: This movie is about an Old Couple and their beautiful moments. Emotional scenes were included by the makers, its also a message oriented movie for New Generation.

2.Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu: Its a Complete Family Drama. Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu plays the role of Brothers. Story is about a Middle class Joint Family and how they struggle in their life.

3. Bommarillu: Director Bhaskar Beautifully Presented the Relationship between a Strict father and obeying son. This movie is still popular and feels new to watch

4.Murari: This is the First movie in Mahesh Babu Career which got Huge Collection and Awards. Story is about a Big Joint Family in which Mahesh babu gets Cursed since Generations.

5.Brindavanam: Its a Beautiful Family Drama. Junior NTR Steps in a Relatives joint family. Every thing changes, Problems of that family also starts getting solved after Junior NTR joins.

6. Manam: Manam is the last movie in which Akkineni Nagaeshwar Rao Played main lead role. Story revolves around a Boy who lost his Parents and how he tries to unte with lookalike Family.

7.Sankranthi: Sankranthi is a Beautiful Family Drama. Story is about a Four brothers whose role played by Shiva balaji, Venkatesh, Srikanth and Sharwanandh.

8. Mr. Perfect: Rebelstar Prabhas Plays main lead role. Story is about different between old and New Generations and what they both can learn from each other.

9. Atharintiki Daredi: Pawan Kalyan Plays the role of a Billionaires son but goes a Driver in to departed Relatives house without making them know. Daughter and Father relationship is shown beautifully and Emotionally in this movie.

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