List of Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021: September Releases

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021 September List : Aha App, the one and only dedicated app for Telugu film lovers is coming up with a big lineup of movies in 2021. The OTT platform has already bagged digital streaming rights of many blockbuster Telugu movies including Krack, zombie Reddy, Naandhi, Sulthan and now Love Story. With this new josh, the platform is saturating its users with many more Originals, Shows and Web Series.


When Aha App was launched in 2020 January no one has expected these many downloads and these much viewership. We can say the COVID-19 lockdown is the game changer for Aha OTT App in making its as one of the top 3 OTT platforms for Telugu content. Moreover, No other OTT platform has released as many movies as Aha released during the lockdown. We can say, Aha has perfectly utilized the time and focused on Telugu dubbed movies and low budget films to entertain the people and to increase the app downloads.

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Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021 List: Watch Latest Movies & Originals on Aha App in June

In order to saturate its users with 100% Telugu content, Aha App has come up with new Telugu movies. The main motto of is to serve its users with 100% Telugu content to its audiences across the world. Within a few months Aha Telugu App achieved its first goal and looking forward to increase its business by bringing more and more versatile shows and Aha Web Series. Also, Aha is crossing Telugu borders and entering into other languages very soon.

In The Name of GOD is set to be a welcome addition to a flurry of blockbuster films, originals and shows that have streamed on aha in 2021, namely Krack, Naandhi, Gaali Sampath, 11th Hour, Thank You Brother, Mail and Sulthan. The streaming platform has stayed true to its word of providing house-full entertainment to film buffs at the convenience of their homes. This 2021, keep calm and trust aha to fulfil your appetite for entertainment.

List of Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies August 2021

 Name of the Movie Streaming Date Aha Link
Pizza2 September 03, 2021 Watch on Aha

List of Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies August 2021

 Name of the Movie Streaming Date Aha Link
SR Kalyanamandapam 28 August 2021 Watch on Aha
Tharagathi Gadhi Daati (Series) 20 August 2021 Watch on Aha
Chathurmukham 13 August 2021 Watch on Aha
Super Deluxe (Telugu Dub) 06 August 2021 Watch on Aha

List of Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies July 2021

Movie Name Streaming Date Video Link
One (Telugu Dub) 30 July 2021 Watch on Aha
Hero 24 July 2021 Watch on Aha
Needa July 23, 2021 Watch on Aha
Kudi Yedamaithe (Webseries) July 16, 2021 Watch on Aha
Super Deluxe July 09, 2021 Watch on Aha
Pogaru July 02, 2021 Watch on Aha
30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela July 02, 2021 Watch on Aha

List of Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies June 2021

Movie Name Streaming Date Video Link
Jiivi (Tamil Dub) June 25, 2021 Watch on Aha
LKG (Tamil Dub) June 25, 2021 Watch on Aha
ING (In The Name of GOD) June 18, 2021 Watch on Aha
Ardha Shatabdham June 11, 2021 Watch on Aha
Kala June 4, 2021 Watch on Aha
Anukoni Athidhi May 28, 2021 Watch on Aha
Play Back May 21, 2021 Watch on Aha
Vijay Sethupathi May 14, 2021 Watch on Aha
Thank You Brother May 07, 2021 Watch on Aha
Chaavu Kaburu Challaga April 23, 2021 Watch on Aha
Thellavarithe Guruvaram April 16, 2021 Watch on Aha
11th Hour April 09, 2021 Watch on Aha
Y April 02, 2021 Watch on Aha
Zombie Reddy March 26, 2021 Watch on Aha
Gaali Sampath March 19, 2021 Watch on Aha
Kshana Kshanam March 19, 2021 Watch on Aha
Naandhi March 12, 2021 Watch on Aha
Luca Alias Johnny March 05, 2021 Watch on Aha
Athade Srimannarayana February 23, 2021 Watch on Aha
Midnight Murders February 19, 2021 Watch on Aha
Krack February 05, 2021 Watch on Aha
Naarinja Mithai January 29, 2021 Watch on Aha
Super Over January 22, 2021 Watch on Aha
Mail (Kambalapally Kathalu) January 12, 2021 Watch on Aha

List of Aha Telugu Movies 2021

Movie Name Streaming Date Video Link
Dirty Hari 25th December watch-on-aha-video-ott
Vyuham 25th December watch-on-aha-video-ott
Mayaanadhi 18th December watch-on-aha-video-ott
Bell Bottom 11th December watch-on-aha-video-ott
Nipah Virus 04th December watch-on-aha-video-ott
Honeymoon (Exclusive) 27th November watch-on-aha-video-ott
Anaganaga O Athidhi (Original) 20th November watch-on-aha-video-ott
Commit Mental (Original) 13th November watch-on-aha-video-ott
Maa Vintha Gaadha Vinuma 13th November watch-on-aha-video-ott
Sudani From Nigeria (Telugu) 30th October watch-on-aha-video-ott
Color Photo 23rd October watch-on-aha-video-ott
Addham 16th October watch-on-aha-video-ott
Moothon 16th October watch-on-aha-video-ott
Android Kattappa 09th October watch-on-aha-video-ott
Orey Bujjiga 02nd October watch-on-aha-video-ott
Jallikattu 25th September, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Amaram Akilam Prema 18th September, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Bangaru Thalli 11th September, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Maghuvalu Matrame 11th September, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Nenu Naa Nestham 04th September, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
And the Oscar Goes to 28th August, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Bucchi Naidu Kandriga 21st August, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Johar 14th August, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Metro Kathalu 14th August, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Trance 07th August, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Forensic 31st July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Sakthi 31st July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
36 Vayasulo 24th July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Software Sudheer 18th July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Gypsy 17th July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
100 15th July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Krishna and His Leela 04th July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Bhanumathi Ramakrishna 03rd July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott

Why Aha is Better Choice Than Other OTT’s?

By sticking to its promise of being a absolute destination for Telugu entertainment, it seeks to announce a massive line up of Aha Originals and Series. In addition, the above list of Tamil and Malayalam movies dubbing versions are currently streaming on this OTT platform.

As of now, Aha is the only dedicated OTT platform for Telugu content. So, there will be no confusion about the language. Unlike other OTT platforms, Telugu film lovers can easily navigate among various categories without any confusion. If you are a non Telugu person, you can check with the movies with English subtitles. On a whole Aha is the best OTT platform for Telugu audience across the globe. One of the unique thing about Aha is here you can find unlimited no.of Telugu dubbed movies.

Aha Telugu Dubbed Movies List 2021

In India, Malayalam and Tamil movies has always a good name and they are highly known for their stories, versatility, music, cinematography and story-driven realistic plots. However, Telugu Cinema is always a way behind these industries in terms of bringing realistic stories to the audience. In order to fill this gap, Aha Telugu App has come forward and bought the dubbing rights for many content-driven Malayalam and Tamil movies. Here you will find the complete list of Aha Telugu dubbed movies.

In order to bring the best entertainment to the Telugu audience, Aha App has added many Aha Telugu dubbed movies to its movie catalog. All these movies were selected from Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada languages and dubbed into Telugu. On this page, you will gonna find the Aha Telugu Dubbed Movies List 2021.

Movie Name Original Language Video Link
Anukoni Athidhi Malayalam watch-on-aha-video-ott
Luca Alias Johnny Malayalam watch-on-aha-video-ott
Athade Srimannarayana Kannada watch-on-aha-video-ott
Midnight Murders (AnjaamPathira) Malayalam watch-on-aha-video-ott
Naarinja Mithai (Sillu Karupatti) Tamil watch-on-aha-video-ott
Bell Bottom Kannada watch-on-aha-video-ott
Virus Malayalam watch-on-aha-video-ott
Sudani From Nigeria Malayalam watch-on-aha-video-ott
Moothon Malayalam watch-on-aha-video-ott
Mayaanadhi Malayalam watch-on-aha-video-ott
Android Kattappa (Android Kunjappan Version 5.25) Malayalam watch-on-aha-video-ott
Jallikattu Malayalam watch-on-aha-video-ott
Bangaru Thalli (Ponmagal Vandhal) Tamil watch-on-aha-video-ott
Maghuvalu Matrame (Magalir Mattum) Tamil watch-on-aha-video-ott
Nenu Naa Nestham (Naanu Matthu Gunda) Kannada watch-on-aha-video-ott
And the Oscar Goes to Malayalam watch-on-aha-video-ott
Trance Malayalam watch-on-aha-video-ott
Forensic Malayalam watch-on-aha-video-ott
Sakthi Tamil watch-on-aha-video-ott
36 Vayasulo (36 Vayadhinile) Tamil watch-on-aha-video-ott
Gypsy (Jeeva) Tamil watch-on-aha-video-ott
100 (Atharvaa Murali) Tamil watch-on-aha-video-ott

Aha Pricing & Plans:

Do you know? Aha comes with the cheapest pricing plans across among all the Digital Streaming Platforms. The OTT one year subscription plan comes at Rs.399/-. As a special discount, has come up with a new promo code “aha100”, using this promo code you can get Rs.100/- extra discount. So, why are you waiting? apply this deal and get Aha App for a cheap price.

Aha.Video Available Countries App is now available across various countries including USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Poland, Kuwait, Australia and many others. The plans and pricing in these countries defers and depends on the countries economic structure, taxes and many more.

Supported Devices

The Aha Telugu OTT platfroms supports multiple devices. Here is the List of electronic devices that Aha App supports.

  • Fire Tv Stick
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • Mi
  • LED TV


✅ Who is the Owner of Aha OTT App?

The platform is owned by Arha Media & Broadcasting Private Limited as a joint venture between Geetha Arts (Allu Aravind) and My Home Group (Rameswar Rao Jupally).

✅ Does Aha.Video App Available in Other languages?

As of now Aha is not available in other languages. Soon the management want to expand its services across South Indian languages including Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.

✅ How can I watch Aha Movies Free?

Yes, you can watch some selected movies on Aha OTT App for free. However, its better to subscribe for their premium plan to have unlimited access to hundreds of movies, shows and originals.

✅ How to connect Aha App in Jio TV?

Click on Activate device which is just below the Email and Password field. Next click on Activate and Tv device will be automatically signed in to your account.

For More information regarding the Aha App connection with TV contact the Aha support team.

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