SUN NXT Upcoming Telugu Movies List 2024

SUN NXT Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024: South India’s biggest TV network is none other than SUN Network. After the evolution of Media digital platforms in India, SUN Network has launched its prestigious SUN NXT App for binge watchers where anyone can find unlimited Movies from various Indian regional languages, Shows & Serials from SUN Network group of channels and many more.

SUN NXT Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021

If you are searching for the SUN NXT Upcoming Telugu movies then you are at the right place. Telugu Aha is designed in such a way as to help film lovers in finding the latest Telugu movies and upcoming entertainment programs. So, take a look at the list of upcoming movies in the SUN NXT App now.

SUN NXT Upcoming Telugu Movies List 2024

South India is the place where people show so much love to actors and their upcoming movies. Every year hundreds of movies are released in South India and out of that Tollywood produces the highest no.of movies. The reach for Telugu movies is more when compared with other film industries in South India. Moreover, Telugu movies have an audience from North India as well. In order to entertain the audience as per their feasibility OTT Apps have taken birth, SUN NXT is one of the leading OTT platforms for Telugu content.

SUN NXT Upcoming Telugu Movies List 2024

Movie NameRelease Date
Ayalaan09 February 2024watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies

SUN NXT Upcoming Telugu Movies List 2023

Movie NameRelease DateVideo Link
Rudrudu14 May 2023watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Phalana Abbayi Phalana Ammayi05 May 2023watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Laatti14 Jan 2023watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies

SUN NXT Upcoming Telugu Movies List 2022

Movie NameRelease DateVideo Link
DSP ( Telugu)30 Dec 2022watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Gulu Gulu (Telugu)08 Dec 2022watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Parugo Parugu30 Oct 2022watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Thiru23 Sep 2022watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Beast (Telugu)11 May 2022watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Raja Vikramarka13 Jan 2022watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies

SUN NXT Upcoming Telugu Movies List 2021

Movie NameRelease DateVideo Link
Peddanna25 Nov 2021watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Varun Doctor05 Nov 2021watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Parris JeyarajJune 04, 2021watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
CheckMay 14, 2021watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
A1 ExpressMay 01, 2021watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
SreekaramApril 16, 2021watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Bangaru BulloduApril 14, 2021watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
REDFebruary 23, 2021watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Chichara PiduguFebruary 21, 2021watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
WalterFebruary 15, 2021watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Alludu AdhursFebruary 13, 2021watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Kudirithe kappu coffee26th Septemberwatch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Manasunnodu09th Septemberwatch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Ruler19 May, 2020watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Tej I Love You02 May, 2020watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Bheeshma25th April, 2020watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Aswathama17th April, 2020watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
World Famous Lover15th April, 2020watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Disco RajaMarch, 2020watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Ala vaikuntapuramloMarch, 2020watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Thippara MeesamMarch, 2020watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
RDX LoveMarch, 2020watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
Kousalya KrishnamurthyFebruary, 2020watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
RanarangamFebruary, 2020watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
RakshasuduFebruary, 2020watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies
PetaFebruary, 2020watch-sun-nxt-telugu-movies

Why SUN NXT is the Best Choice for Telugu Movies?

SUN NXT is the digital platform owned by SUN Network group based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is one of the first media network in India having TV channels for all languages in South India. Having SUN NXT subscription plan is worth than many other OTT Apps since it has thousands of Telugu movies besides Telugu dubbed movies, Gemini TV Serials, Shows and many programmes.

Features of SUN NXT

Since it is the OTT platform offered by SUN Network it has more advantages than other digital streaming platforms.

  • If you are busy at some work and missed your favorite show or serial in Gemini TV or Gemini Life, then you no need to worry because you have the second option called SUN NXT where you can watch the missed shows, movies and serials based on your feasibility
  • No need to wait for the TV serials, just with one click you can watch the serails whenever you want
  • We all know Gemini TV and TEja TV are the first TV channels in Telugu, So, it definitely has a large stock of old movies
  • Besides Telugu movies, you will get an opportunity to stream Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu dubbed movies
  • The pricing of Sun NXT is very cheap when compared with other leading OTT Apps, it comes for just Rs.50/- per month and Rs.480/- per 1 year

SUN NXT Subscription Price & Plans

As said earlier, The SUN NXT pricing is very reasonable ad affordable when compared with other leading OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, it comes for just Rs.40/- per month and Rs.480/- per 1 year. Using the same subscription plan you can watch Tamil, Malayalam and other Indian language movies as well.

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