Best Telugu Web Series in OTT

Best Telugu Web Series in OTT: There is plenty of content in all the OTT platforms, if you are movie buff you just need to search it in all OTT platforms for what to watch but if you are tired of searching for good content we are here to help you out for giving you worth watching content from all the OTT platforms.

Best Telugu Web Series in Hotstar

This article is about the best telugu web series in OTT.

Best Telugu Web Series in OTT

1) Chadarangam (2020)

Chadarangam is a Zee5 original web series of 2020.

Starring: Srikanth, Ravi Prakash, Chalapathi Rao, Naginedu, Sunainaa

Director: Raj Anantha


Episodes: 9

Platform: Zee5


Pemmasani Gangadhar Rao(Srikanth) who leaves his acting career and forms a political party called Telugu Kranthi Sangam(TkS) very soon he wins the elections by defeating 70 year old party INP and becomes chief minister.

However, things are not smooth as it seems, Gangadhar Rao getting threats from opposite political parties,and fellow leaders.

Finally, how did he bounce back? How he checkmate all the enemies is the rest of the story.

Chadarangam web series is made with the inspiration of legendary actor and politician NTR. a very decent and intense political drama to watch. 

2) Mastis (2021)

Mastis is a Aha original urban rom com drama web series of 2020.

Starring; Navdeep, Bindu Madhavi, Chandini Chowdary, Hebah Patel, Raja Chembolu

Written By: Krish

Directed By:Ajay Bhuyan

Season: One

Episodes: 8

Platform: Aha


The revolves around 6 people different mindsets all are at Mastis bar and restaurant owned by a rich ad film maker Pranav(Navdeep) and Gauri(Bindhu Madhavi)where Aanad Raju(Raja Chembolu) works as a manager at Mastis and he deeply in love with waitress Lekha(Chandini Chowdary)and Tanya(Hebah Patel) who is trying hard to give a best band performance at Mastis.

However, things take an ugly turn when Gauri knows about Pranav’s multiple affairs.

Finally, How does all the relationships affected with this incident form the rest of the tale.

Mastis is an urban web series about relationships. A well made series to watch it Aha.

3) LOL Salam (2021)

LOL Salam is a telugu balck comedy web series streaming on Zee5.

Starring: Harsha Vardan, KIvish Kautilya, Aishwarya Bala, Mahendra, Pavan Kumar Alluri and others

Director: Nani Bandreddi

Season: One

Episodes: 6

Platform: Zee5


The story is about 5 bachelors living in one room in hyderabad,everyone has their own problems all are gets irritated with their problems ,where they decides to go on holiday they went to waterfall where there is village nearby there a politician (Harsha Vardan) wants burn a village meanwhile one of the bachelors struck on a landmine placed by Naxelites.

What happened next is the rest of the story.

LOL Salam web series is targeted by youth. Youngsters will connect with this series. 

Don’t miss this entertaining mini series available on Zee5.

4) 3 Roses (2021)

3Roses is Aha original comedy film of 2021.

Starring:Eesha Rebba, Payal Rajputh, Purnaa, Prince, Harcha Chemudu

Director: Maggi

Season: One

Episodes: 8

Platform: Aha


The show revolves around 3 individual womens, Ritu(Eesha Rebba), Jhanvi(Payal Rajputh), Indu(Purna) these three individuals reunites once when they are about to back to hyderabad because their parents calls them for marriages and settling down.

However,  during the series of events their perspective changed finally,what’s to take on their marriage? Is the rest of the story.

3Roses web series has fine performances by Eesha Rebba, Payal Rajputh and is an entertaining series to watch.

5) In The Name Of God (2021)

In The Name Of God is an Aha original crime drama web series of 2021.

Starring: Priyadarshi, Nandini Rai, Posani Krishna Murali, and others.

Director: Vidya Sagar Muthu Kumar

Season: One


Platform: Aha


Aadi(Priyadarshi) who wants buy a resort and settle down in life, as he is having an affair with Meena(Nandini Rai) who is young wife of Ayyappa(Posani Krishna Murali), on the other side there gang who is running after money bag which Ayappa has.

However, things become worse when Ayappa gets killed and unfortunatley Aadi also gets involved in the murder.

Finally, will Aadi get out of this situation? Who killed Ayappa? Is the rest of the story.

The Name Of God has an intriguing premise which will hook you in the beginning itself. Don’t miss this intense crime Drama.

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