Jackie Chan Telugu Dubbed Movies List [Recently Updated]

Jackie Chan Telugu Dubbed Movies List: Jackie Chan is one of the Highest Paid Actor in world Cinema. He is not only an Actor but also a Martial Artist, Action Choreographer, Singer, Stunt Director, Producer and many more. Jackie Chan actual name is Chan Kong-sang and was born on 7th April 1954  in Hongkong.

Jackie Chan Telugu Dubbed Movies List

Jackie chan started appearing in movies since his Childhood from 1962. His first movie as Big and Little Wong Tin Bar in 1962. From year 2000 Jackie chan got fame in Hollywood too. since then his movies getting dubbed in Telugu also. Below we have given you some of his Best Movies List that Dubbed in Telugu.

Jackie Chan Telugu Dubbed Movies List

Sl.No Jackie Chan Telugu Dubbed Movies Name
1 Vanguard
2 Bleeding Steel
3 The Foreigner
4 Railroad Rigers
5 Kung Fu Yoga
6 Dragon Blade
7 Police Story
8 Chinese Zodiac
9 Blade of The Rose
10 The Karate Kid
11 The Spy Next Door
12 The Shinjuku Incident
13 Kung Fu Panda
14 The Forbidden Kingdoam
15 Police Story 5
16 Rush Hour
17 Shanghai Knights
18 Shangai Noon
19 Banti Bablu Jackie
20 Jackie Chan’s Gorjeous
21 The Icebreaker
22 Little Big Soldier
23 Around the World In 80 Days

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