Sun Network Kushi Tv / Chintu TV Birthday Wishes

Kushi TV Birthday Wishes: Every body Knows about Khushi TV Birthday Wishes. SunNetworks Khushi Tv will Telecast Childrens Birthday Day Photos on its Channel and Wishes Them Daily. Now Any body Can Register for These Online Kushi TV Wishes. We will explain you the Procedure of How you can Register and Get Birthday Wishes Through Kushi TV. 

Kushi TV Birthday Wishes


Wishes May Not Guarantee

Though You are got Registered on Kushi TV Birthday Wishes, You may not get Wishes. It is First Come, First Service Method. Some times there may be others reasons for not Getting Yours Birthday Wishes.

Process for Birthday Wishes Registration on Kushi TV

You need to Register 10 days before if you want to get wishes on Exact Birthday Date. Below we have given you the Step by Step Procedure of How to get Registered on Kushi TV Channel.

  1. Go To Sun Network Website through URL (
  2. Select Telugu channels Option on Home Page
  3. On the Top of Home Page You can See “Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday” Bar
  4. Click on “ Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday” Option on Top
  5. Then You can seen different Kushi tv Channel Logos of Different Languages
  6. Click on Your Required language Kushi TV Logo
  7. For Telugu it is called Khushi Tv, For Tamil, Chutti TV, For Kannada Chintu TV and for Kerala Kochu TV
  8. Channel Selection Process is same for all Languages
  9. Click on Kushi TV
  10. Special Pink Colour Page will appear for Registering Birthday
  11. Special Column for filling Birthday Candidate is available there 

Step 1: Enter Person Name

Step 2: Enter Date of Telecast

Step 3: Enter Mobile Number

Step 4: Enter City

Step 5: Enter Country

Step 6: Enter Sender’s Name

Step 7: Enter Email ID

Step 8: Upload Your Birthday Photo

Step 9: Click Send Your Birthday Wishes Button


Date: Entering Date Should Be 10 Days before the Date of Telecast

Month: Wishes will be accepted for the Current & Upcoming Month

Image: Only Image File with Extension (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp) is allowed.

Telecast Time:

Happy Birthday Kids: Sunday To Saturday Whole Week – 7:05am to 7:05am

About Sun Network & Kushi TV:

Sun Network is One of the Biggest TV Channel Network In India. It is has Conglomeration of almost 33 Tv channels. Khushi TV is one among them. Sun Network Channels can be viewed in 27 Countries Including U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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