First 8 Pack Hero In Tollywood [Recently Updated]

First 8 Pack Hero In Tollywood:Six Pack Abs is Common but 8 Pack is different. Nithin is the First Tollywood Actor to achieve this. Nithin has build 8 pack abs for his Movie Victory (2008). Until then he was called a Chocalate Boy. Many fans and followers also didn’t expect that Nitin would go for Such a Toned 8 Pack Body.

First 8 Pack Hero In Tollywood

Before Nithin Allu Arjun also build body but that was six Packs. For Building this 8 Pack Body, Nithin ate 24 egg whites, 1.5 kgs grilled chicken, 3 Protein shakes per day. He used to had grilled chicken for lunch and also he drank lot of water at those times. Nithin worked hard for 9 months continuously in Gym.

Next Sunil And Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas

After Nithin Actors like Sunil and Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas also build 8 Pack Body. Nithin Build 8 pack body for movie Poola Rangadu (2012). Nithin has gone for a Huge Transformation by eating Ice cubes also. He used to have 12 egg whites per day. Before Poola rangadu Shoot he worked hard for 4 hours.

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