Best Telugu Thriller Movies on Netflix

Best Telugu Thriller Movies on Netflix: A few years back Netflix never concentrated on indian content, even for a release. But now everything has changed because of the drastic digital revolution and the kind of movies coming from India and Indian movies are becoming global movies now.

Best Telugu Thriller Movies on Netflix

There is lots of Indian content available on Netflix right now, especially Telugu.

Brilliant telugu thriller movies available on netflix but if you’re confusing what to watch i’m here to help you out.

This article is about Best Telugu Thriller Movies On Netflix.

Best Telugu Thriller Movies on Netflix

1) Thimmarusu (2021)

Thimmarusu is an action thriller of was a huge hit in the theatres and OTT. one of the most engaging telugu thriller movies in recent times.

Starring:Satyadev, Priyanka Kawalker, Bramhaji, Ravi Babu, Ankit Koyya, Ajay

Director: Sharan Koppisetty


Story starts with Vasu(Ankith Koyya) who works as bartender, after finishing his duty he is on his way to his home, all of a sudden he meets with an accident and unfortunately the cab driver dies.

Vasu immediately calls the police but police arrest Vasu, unfortunately Vasu gets imprisoned for 8 years.

After 8years a lawyer called Ramachandra(Satyadev) gets a chance to investigate the case and he takes up the case and re-opens it. In the process of investigation Ramachandra comes to know about Vasu is that he is innocent and he was framed as a murderer, but to proove Vasu is an innocent Ramachandra needs lot of proofs.

Finally, will Ramachandra prove that Vasu is innocent? Will Vasu get justice? What is the mystery behind cab driver murder? To know all these you need to watch the movie available on netflix.

Brilliant story, spectacular performances by Satyadev made Thimmarusu an engaging thriller.don’t miss it.

2) Awe (2018)

Awe is a cross genre movie in telugu. It was released in 2018 and a lot of people are spellbound with this movie because it is an out of the box movie in telugu.

Starring: Kajal Agarwal, NItya Menon, Esha Rebba, Avasarala Srinivas, Regina Cassandra, Priyadarshi

Director: Prasanth Varma


It is very tough to tell  the plot of this movie, because every story has an interconnection.

Radha(Esha Rebba) and Krish(Nitya Menon) are lessbion lovers, and they are struggling to tell Radha’s parents about their relatioship.

Shiva(Avasrala Srinivas) is an aspiring scientist who is trying to fix the bug in the time machine so that he can go back in time and meet his parentts.

Nala(Priyadarshi) joins as chef in a restaurant unfortunately he doesn’t know how to cook he always manages through youtube day he faces a problem When his boss orders him to cook a new dish which don’t even know how to cook.

Mira(Regina Cassandra) is coffee artist at restarent and she is drug addict too. She and her boyfriend planned to loot investor money when he is going to come to the restaurant soon. After finding a necklace in the tree located in the restaurant she starts experiencing ghosts inside the restaurant.

Moksha is an 8 year old girl and she is a good magician too, she works at her mother’s restaurents. When an egoistic magician called Yogi(Murali Sharma) comes to the restaurant and humiliates her after watching her magic tricks, Yogi ends up being humiliated by the magic master.

A young woman called Kali(Kajal Agarwal) tries to shoot herself because of her mental pressure.

Finally, every story runs parallel and every story has a surprising connection with Kali.

The climax will blow your mind don’t miss this experimental movie.

3) Manu (2018)

Manu is a telugu mystery thriller movie of 2018. First crowdfunding telugu movie.

Starring: Raja Goutham, Chandini Chowdary, John Kottoly, Ravi Teja

Director: Phanindra Narsetti


Manu(Raja Goutham) is a fabulous artist who fell in love with his admire Neela(Chandini Chowdary) she is a multi talented girl.things turn different when Neela’s death. Manu decides to take revenge.

Finally, How Neela Died? Who killed her? It forms the rest of the story.

Manu movie is the most experimental movie in Telugu film industry, though it was a crowdfunding movie made with utmost quality.

Non-linear screenplay is a bit confusing but that is the heart of the film. Brilliant cinematography and top notch production design made Manu most experimental film.

Manu is a must watch thriller movie on Netflix.

4) Red (2021)

Red movie is a telugu crime thriller of 2021. Ram played a dual role in this movie and one of the most engaging movies to watch.

Starring: Ram Pothineni, Nivetha Pethuraj, Malavika Sharma, Amritha Iyer, 

Director: Thirumala Kishore


The story is about identical twins. Siddharth(Ram Pothineni) is a civil engineer by profession and Aditya(Ram Pothineni) is a thief and a gambler. However, when a guy called Akash got murdered Siddharth gets arrested and in the process of investigation knows that Aditya also involved in the case.this twist takes drastic turn into the story.

Finally, who is Akash and why is an Innocent guy like Siddharth getting arrested in this case? Why is Aditya also involved in this case? To know all this you need to watch the movie.

Red movie offers you a lot of twists throughout the movie. Those who love thriller movies, this film will give many thrills. 

5) Andhakaram (2020)

Andhakaram is a supernatural thriller of 2020. Andhakaram is a slow burn film but it will engage you throughout the movie.

Starring: Arjun Das, Vinoth KIshan, Pooja Ramachandran

Director: V. Vignarajan


The story revolves around 3 key characters Vindo(Arjun Das) is a cricket coach who always feels someone is there in his room he fears a lot and sometimes he feels its ghost.Dr. Indran(Kumar Natarajan) is a physiatrist and Surya(Vinoth) is blind man who works as a librarian and he has some supernatural powers which he gained from his father.

All the 3 characters seem unconnected in the starting of the movie but in the process revelead each character has connected to each other.

Finally, how they are connected and what are common points between them is the rest of the story.

The Andhakaram movie has a unique premise which brings you into the world of Andhakaram. Like I said earlier, the movie is a bit slow but it engages you throughout the movie.

Andhakaram movie is a must watch telugu thriller movie available on Netflix.

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