Best Telugu Thriller Movies on Hotstar

Best Telugu Thriller Movies on Hotstar: Thriller movies or shows never get boring. It always feels exciting to watch.if you are thriller fan then your landed at the right place.

Best Telugu Thriller Movies on Hotstar

This article is about the best thriller movie on hotstar.

Best Telugu Thriller Movies on Hotstar

1) Maa Oori Polimera(2021)

Maa Oori polimera is a telugu hotstar thriller movie of 2021.

Starring: Satyam Rajesh, Getup Srinu, Baladitya, Chitram Sreenu, Ravi Verma

Director: Anil Viswanath


Komiri(satyam Rajesh),jangaiah (bala aditya) two brothers live in the village ..komiri is an auto driver who sacrifices his life to take care of his family.

However,when balija (get up sreenu) is friend of komiri gets a clash with village sarpanch belonging person…after few days things turn different when sarpanch and his wife sudden demise.Everyone suspects komiri.

Finally, how the sarpanch death affected their life is the rest of the story.

Maa oori polimera is a perfect rural thriller though production values are not up to mark but still it is worth watching the movie for its rustic premise.definitely this movie will engage you.

2) Netrikaran Telugu (2021)

Netrikaran is a telugu hotstar thriller movie of 2021.

Starring:Nayanathara, Ajmal Ameer

Director:Milind Rau


Durga(Nayanathara) is an ex-cop who lost his brother Aadhitya and lost her eyes in the accident.She lived her life as a blind.

However, on the other one after another girls goes missing in the city.dr.james(Ajamal Ameer) is pysco rapist who kidnaps them and rape them and kill them .

One day he kidnaps Durga but luckily she escapes from him.where story takes turn when durga decided to catch him.

Finally, will Durga catch him with the help of the police is the rest of the story.

A blind cop who tries to catch criminals is interesting and Nayanatara as a blind effortlessly pulled it.

Netrikaran is a must watch movie.don’t miss it

3) maestro (2021)

Maestro is a telugu hotstar crime thriller of 2021.

Starring: NIthin, Nabha Natesh, Tamannah and others

Director: Merlapaka Gandhi


Arun(Nithin) is blind man lives in goa.he plays a piano for survival.a movie actor mohan(naresh) impressed with Arun concert and requests him to perform at his anniversary with his 2 wife simran(Tamannah).

However, Arun land at house but he witness the murder of a police officer and he see many more truths over there..

Finally, how will he escape From this situation ? How he tell to the police because the world does know he can see.

to know all these you need to watch the movie.

Maestro is an official remake of andhadhun.and glad that the soul of andhadhun has not been disturbed by the  makers.

Maestro has a lot of twists and turns throughout the movie don’t miss it..

4) 118 (2019)

118 is a telugu thriller movie of 2019.

Starring: Kalyan Ram, Shalini Pandey, Nivetha Thomas

Director: K.V Guhan


Gautham(Kalyan ram) is an investigative journalist, he gets weird dreams of a girl being killed by someone whenever he stays in room 118 at paradise resort.

Left with no choice, he decides to investigate the case. In the process of investigation he finds some unbelievable truths.

Finally, who’s that girl? What is the connection to gautham ? Will he find the mystery behind that horrific dream that forms the rest of the story..

118 has come up with a new concept which is engaging too.and racy screenplay will never make you feel bored..that’s an advantage..don’t miss this brilliant thriller.

5) Bhadram (2014)

Bhadram is murder mystery thriller of 2014.

Starring: Ashok Selvan, Janani, Jaya Praksh and others.

Director: P.Ramesh


Venu(Ashoke Selvan) is criminology student, after that he joins a detective agency in the city, where he gets some assignments given by the detective agency.his work is to collect the information without knowing them in the process of investigation he met with MadhuSree(Janani).

However, Venu falls in love with Madhu,when a twist arises in the story that all the 3 members murdered while Venu had investigated them, and very soon he comes to know that the next target is his girlfriend Madhu.

Finally, will he save Madhu? What is the mystery behind the 3 murders is the rest of the story.

Bhadram is a perfect mystery thriller to watch don’t miss it.

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