Best Telugu Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime

Best Telugu Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime Video is One of the best sources to watch regional content. There is brilliant content available in prime, especially in telugu. Prime has many thriller movies in telugu but if you’re confused about what to watch i’m here to help you out.

Best Telugu Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime

This article is about Best Telugu Thriller Movies On Amazon Prime Video.

Best Telugu Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime

1) Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya (2019)

Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya is a telugu thriller movie of was a huge hit when it got released and Naveen Ploisetty career kick started with this blockbuster hit.

Starring: Naveen Polisetty, Shruthi Sharma, Suhaas

Director: Swaroop RSJ


Sai Srinivas Athreya(Naveen Polisetty) is a detective at Nellore, he opens a small branch called FBI(Fathima Bureau Of Investigation) he has a assistant called Sneha(Shruthi Sharma) she helps him solving small cases in the Nellore town.

However, Sai Srinivas Athreya wants a bigger case to solve. He is waiting for that, one day one his friend called Shirish informs him about an unidentified dead body at Venkatachalam railway track and he goes there but unfortunately the police arrest him.

The story takes a turn When Sai Srinivas Athreya meets an old man called Maruthi Rao. maruthi rao tells about his daughter missing at Ongole and he gives some phone numbers. After being released from the jail he feels this is the case I’m looking for. He decided to investigate the case with the help of an assistant and his friend Shirish.

In the process of investigation he knows some shocking truths and later the investigation focuses on unidentified dead bodies.

Finally, how did he solve the case? What is the link of dead bodies to this investigation forms the rest of the story.

Agent Sai SRinivas Athreya has tons of twists and turns which make you thrill while watching.

I’d say Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya has a well written script. Don’t miss this detective thriller.

2) 16 Every Detail Count (2016)

16 is basically a Tamil crime thriller movie called Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru) later it was released in telugu as a title of 16 every detail count.

Starring:Rehaman, Prakash Vijaya Ragavan, Ashwin Kumar

Director: Karthick Naren


The story starts with a retired police officer Deepak(Rehaman) telling 5 years back how he investigated a case.Deepak is sincere police officer who starts investigate a murder case in the process of investigation he finds more than murder case which is a women missing case and hit amd run case surprisingly thise cases are linked to murder case.

Finally, how does Deepak unfold the truth? How this 3 murders connected to each other forms the rest of the story.

The 16 movie is one of the most gripping thrillers even today.the investigation process will make you engaged and the climax will make you thrill don’t miss this brilliant thriller movie available on Amazon Prime Video.

3) HIT The First Case (2020)

Hit movie is a telugu investive thriller of of the best thriller in telugu.investigation process looks completely new in this film.

Starring: Vishwak Sen, Ruhani Sharma, Bramhaji, Murali Sharma

Director: Dr. Sailesh Kolanu


Vikram Rudraraju(Vishwak Sen) is a brilliant investigative police officer in Telangana.he is sharp and intelligent in solving crucial cases, that is his ability.

Vikram suffers with his tragic past meanwhile a girl called Preethi(Sahithi) goes missing then after 2months his girlfriend Neha(Ruhani Sharma) goes missing then Vikram takes up the case of Preeti and Neha but in the process of investigation things become unpredictable.

Finally, How did Vikram solve the case? Why Preethi and Neha kidnapped at the same know all these you need to watch the movie. 

It is one of the best telugu thriller movies to watch. Everything blends perfectly well and the most gripping screenplay in recent times don’t miss this intense investigative thriller available on Amazon Prime Video.

4) Evaru (2019)

Evaru is a telugu crime thriller movie of 2019.this movie inspired from german film called Invisible Guest. But makers adapted beautifully for our telugu nativity.

Starring: Adivi Sesh,, Naveen Chandra, Regina Cassandra, Murali Sharma

Director: Venkat Ramji


The film starts with Sameera(Regina Cassandra) gets accused of murdering her boyfriend Ashok(Naveen Chandra) however, a sub inspector called Vasudev(Adivi Sesh) enters and starts the investigation and  after this incident Sameera seems helpless and as she dicides to hire a cop for creatig fals evidences, surprisingly she hires a cop who are already been in investigaton of Ashok’s murder case and the person is Vasudev. Vasudev is actually a corrupt police officer.

However, when Vasudev delved into Sameera’s case he found shocking truths.

Finally, Will Sameera get out of this mess? Who is Vasudev? Why did Sameera kill Ashok? To know all these you need to watch the film.

Evaru is one of the best murder mystery thriller to watch.while watching each and every point is most important in this movie.and as always climax will blow your mind.

Don’t miss this gripping thriller available on Amazon Prime Video.

5) Goodachari (2018)

Goodachari is a telugu spy thriller of was biggest hit in adivi sesh career.and movie got great appreciation for attempting this genre because spy genre is rare in telugu.

Starring: Adivi Sesh, Shobitha Dhulipala, Jagapathi Babu, Vennela Kishore, Prakash Raj

Story By: Adivi Sesh

Directed By: Sashi Kiran Tikka


Gopi alias Arjun(Adivi Sesh) ‘s father Raghuveer died in a NIA secret mission, later Arjun brought by Raghuveer’s friend Sathya(Prakash Raj). However, after years Arjun wants to join the RAW agency and wants to serve the country like his father.

After rejection of lot applications he got selected in RAW agency and very soon he finishes his training appointed as a official RAW agent unfortunately things turn different when his agency boss got killed because the enimies framed Arjun has murderer.

Finally, who killed Arjun’s agency boss? Why Arjun framed as a murderer? What is project Gopi? Is the rest of the story.

Goodachari is a cult film in telugu film industry because veteran actor Krishna did some spy films after that this spy genre never touched in telugu and Goodachari is the first film in the spy genre in telugu.

Adivi sesh has cult fans for his story selections, most of the films in his career are thrillers.

Goodachari is a perfect comercial spy thriller watch, it gives you cinematic experience while watching. Don’t miss it.

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