best Telugu suspense movies on Netflix (Recently Updated)

Best Telugu suspense movies on Netflix: As a huge amount of content is present on OTT digital platforms, a lot of us are perplexed as to which one is the best to watch. There are a lot of movies available on the internet to watch. However, it’s a bit hard to find thriller movies in the Telugu language. We, after a thorough search, bring you the best thriller movies premiered on Netflix. Netflix premieres thriller, suspense, horror, and action movies. 

best Telugu suspense movies on Netflix

Here is the list of thriller movies in Telugu. 

S.No Movie
1 Game Over
2 Awe
3 A Film By Aravind
4 Bhadram
5 Anveshana

Below is the list of thriller movies in Telugu

  1.       Game Over: Taapsee Pannus’ psychological drama is Game Over. It’s suspenseful and thriller movie available in Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil languages as well. It’s one of the most-watched thriller movies on Netflix.
  2.     Awe: Awe is one of the rarest thriller movies. It features Nithya Mene, Regina Cassandra, Kajal Aggarwal, Revi Teja, and others in lead roles.
  3.     A Film by Aravind: A film by Aravind was a thriller movie. It features Rajeev Kanakala, Richard Rishi, Sherly Chopra in key roles.
  4.     Bhadram: Bhadram is dubbed movie in Telugu. This film is completely suspenseful and thriller movie. It’s one of the best movies to watch.
  5.   Anveshana: This film is a completely crime thriller based in the forest. This film features Karthik and Bhanupiray in the lead roles.  

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