Best Horror Movies On Netflix (Recently Updated)

Best Horror Movies On Netflix: We usually look for Hollywood movies if we wish to watch horror movies thinking that Telugu movies are not enough to scare us. However, there are handful movies in Telugu which horrify us with complete action and suspense. The Worlds gaint digital platform Netflix air different kind of movies like action, comedy, horror, romantic, and more. Netflix prmeire horror movies in Telugu too.  Let’s see how many films premiered on Netflix.

Best Horror Movies On Netflix

Below is the list of horror movies

S.No Movie
1 Gruham: The House Next Door
2 Arundhathi
3 Jessie
4 Prema Katha Chitram
5 Raju Gaari Ghadi 2
6 Rahasyam

Below is the list of horror movies that premiered on Netflix.

  1. Gruham: The House Next Door it’s one of the top horror movies in Telugu language premired on Netflix. It features Siddharth and Andrea Jeremiah, Atul Kulkarni in lead roles. This film was released in tehatres in 2017. It’s one of the best movies to watch on Netflix.
  2. Arundhati: Anuskhas’ most action and horror movie is Arundhati. It’s directed by Kodi Ramakrishna. This film was released in 2019 theatrically. It’s one the best and top horror movies in Tleugu.
  3. Jessie: Jessie is horror movie released in 2019. It feature Atul Kulkarni, Sritha Chandana, Ashima Narwal in lead roles. It’s one of the top horror Telugu movies.
  4. Prema Katha Chitram 2: Prema Katha Chitram is the most successful horror movie. It’s featuring Sumanth, Ashwin, Nandhitha Swetha in the lead roles. It’s releaed in 2019.
  5. Raju Gari Gadhi 2: Raju Gari Gadhi is touted to be horror movie. It features Nagarjuna, Smantha, and Tejeswhi Madivada in lead roles. It was released in 2017 in theatres. It’s the most horror film in telugu.
  6. Rahasyam: This film is all about a ghost who wander in old bugnalaw. It ‘s directed by Sagar Sailesh. It features Sri Rithika, Appalarao, Sandeep Kadime in lead roles.

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