Allu Arjun’s reaction to Ram Charan’s tweet sparks a colossal confrontation

Most of us are quite aware that just yesterday the 69th National Film Awards were announced and the list came out with full of surprises. The jury became very proud of RRR movie and it got 6 awards. But Ram Charan, Jr. NTR didn’t get any award for their amazing performances in the movie. But the shocker was Allu Arjun won the best actor award for this amazing performance in Pushpa The Rise movie.

Allu Arjun's reaction to Ram Charan's tweet sparks a colossal confrontation

We all know that from yesterday night itself, Allu Arjun was trending everywhere and many people have congratulated him for his amazing success. But there was a bit of spark of controversy with Ram Charan’s tweet.

In his tweet, he mentioned all the crew who worked for the RRR and congratulated them for their amazing work. But he didn’t even mention Allu Arjun at all. Finally, Allu Arjun saw the tweet and replied with a thank you just below. Now this is sparking the controversies between Mega Family and Allu Arjun.

We hope that nothing is serious between the families and they all are working together for the betterment of Tollywood Industry across the world. We also request the fans not to create unnecessary controversies across the social media.


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