Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 6 (Online Voting & Results)

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: Most Awaiting Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting Show has been started on September 04, 2022. The voting process also began. This time Voting and Elimination going to be some fast compared to the previous seasons.

Akkineni Nagarjuna hosting this Bigg Boss 6 Vote Show. He is consequently hosting the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote show for the 5th time since 2019. In this article, we are presenting you with all details about Bigg Boss 6 Voting, Voting Process.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is available on this Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote & Voting Percentage website. So, Without any due Save your favorite Telugu Bigg boss contestant from elimination by voting in the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Vote Nomination Poll. The Big Boss Telugu Voting Results and Voting Survey is also live now online.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting (Week 2) ONLINE

Below is the Opinion Public Poll of Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote. You can vote on this platform and can know who is getting more votes and support every week. Every Week We update this Public Voting Section with the latest Nominations based on the running episodes and Nominations.


Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting Results Percentage (Week-2)

Position Contestant Percentage No. of Votes Missed Call Number
1 Revanth 29.77% 19612 7288877620
2 Faima 17.87% 11770 7288877616
3 Marina & Rohit 12.90% 8496 7288877610
4 Shani 8.95% 5896 7288877613
5 Geetu Royal 8.71% 5741 7288877608
6 Adi Reddy 8.23% 5425 7288877617
7 Raj Shekar 7.42% 4886 7288877618
8 Abhinaya 6.16% 4058 7288877609

Last Updated: September 17, 2022 (09:54 PM)

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Nomination list and Elimination list (Week 1) [NO-Elimination Week]

  • Chanti
  • Abhinaya
  • Revanth
  • Sri Satya
  • Arohi
  • Inaya
  • Faima

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Nomination list and Elimination list (Week 2)

  • Revanth
  • Faima
  • Marina Rohit
  • Geetu Royal
  • Raj
  • Adi Reddy
  • Shani (Eliminated)
  • Abhinaya (Eliminated)

Hotstar Voting

Voting through Hotstar App is Very Easy. You do need to Subscribe Hotstar App to Vote for the Contestant. It is enough If You Install Hotstar App On your mobile. Install Disney Hotstar App from the play store. Create an Account and login into Hotstar App. Go to Search Bar and type Bigg Boss 6 Telugu. There you can see the Logo of Bigg Boss Season 6. Below Logo, you can see Vote Bar. Click on the vote bar. Then the nominated Contestants in that week will appear on the screen. Tap on your favorite Contestant Photo. One Tap gives 1 vote, Likewise, You can give 10 taps for 10 votes.

Here below we have given you another Step by Step Procedure about how you can vote for Bigg Boss 6 Telugu on Disney Hotstar App.

  • Install Disney Hotstar App from the Google Play story
  • Login into the App and create a new account
  • After Creating the account go to the search bar and type “Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote, “Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting” or “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote”
  • Bigg Boss Telugu Hotstar Page Appears. Below the Bigg Boss Season 6 you can see Vote Bar
  • Click on the Voting Bar, then a list of Nominated Contestants appears.
  • Tap on your favorite contestant’s Pic to give one vote. Likewise, you can give 10 votes per day by tapping 10 times. You can divide these 10 votes among different Contestants also
  • After giving a vote tap Save Button.
  • Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting Starts from Monday 10.30 pm and ends by Friday midnight 11:59 pm.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu has a total of 19 Contestants. All these 19 contestants have signed up to stay in Bigg Boss house for 60 days. But as rule, everyone gets eliminated every week. Here below is the List of those 19 Contestants.

Contestant’s List and Status

Sl.No Contestant Profession
1 Adi Reddy Critic
2 Vasanthi Krishnan Actress
3 Sudeepa Raparthi Actress
4 Shrihan Actor
5 Arjun Kalyan Actor
6 Inaya Sultana Actress
7 Keerthi Keshav Bhat Actress
8 Chalaki Chanti Comedian
9 Raja Shekar Muthyalu Actor
10 Abhinaya Shree Choreographer
11 Baladitya Actor
12 Faima Comedian
13 Arohi Rao News Achor
14 Sri Satya Actress
15 Revanth Playback singer
16 Neha Chowdary Anchor
17 Marina Abraham Sahni Actress
18 Rohit Sahni Actor
19 Geetu Royal Influencer
20 RJ Surya Radio Jockey
21 Shaani Salmon Actor

Results & Elimination List

All Elimination List, and Nomination List details can be seen here below. we update you about these from time to time. Nominations go on every week. One or two contestants get Eliminated. Based on the Performance in the house Voting Results come out. This Contestant with the least number of votes gets eliminated.

Elimination List –  Voting Results

Week 1 – No Elimination

Week 2 – Shani and Abhinaya

Week 3 – NA

Week 4 – NA

Week 5 – NA

Week 6 – NA

Week 7 – NA

Week 8 – NA

Week 9 – NA

Week 10 – NA

Week 11 – NA

Missed Call Voting

You can cast your voting via missed call. Simply dial the phone number on your mobile number pad and connect the call you will be disconnected automatically once it rings and it counts as a vote.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Season Missed Call Numbers

S. No Contestant Number Assigned
1 Keerthi Bhat Missed Call Number +91 7288877601
2 Sudeeppa Pinky Missed Call Number +91 7288877602
3 Srihan Missed Call Number +91 7288877603
4 Neha Chowdary Missed Call Number +91 7288877604
5 Chalaki Chanti Missed Call Number +91 7288877605
6 Sri Satya Missed Call Number +91 7288877606
7 Arjun Kalyan Missed Call Number +91 7288877607
8 Geetu Royal Missed Call Number +91 7288877608
9 Abhinaya Sri Missed Call Number +91 7288877609
10 Merina Missed Call Number +91 7288877610
11 Rohit Sahni Missed Call Number +91 7288877610
12 Bala Aditya Missed Call Number +91 7288877611
13 Vasanthi Krishnan Missed Call Number +91 7288877612
14 Shani Salmon Missed Call Number +91 7288877613
15 Inaya Sulthana Missed Call Number +91 7288877614
16 RJ Suryah Missed Call Number +91 7288877615
17 Faima Missed Call Number +91 7288877616
18 Adi Reddy Missed Call Number +91 7288877617
19 Rajshekar Missed Call Number +91 7288877618
20 Arohi Rao Missed Call Number +91 7288877619
21 Revanth Missed Call Number +91 7288877620

Nagarjuna Hosting

Akkineni Nagarjuna Hosting for the Bigg Boss 6 Show. He has successfully hosted all the Previous 3 seasons of Bigg Boss Telugu. He has been hosting Bigg Boss since 2019 Continuously. Many didn’t expect that Nagarjuna would be hosting for this Bigg Boss Telugu 6. But he Clarified in January that He is again going to host Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Show.

Nagarjuna set a Record by continuously hosting Bigg Boss Show. In Tamil Bigg Boss, Kamal Hasan Stepped down from hosting sitting for some personal reasons and now Simbu is hosting Tamil’s Bigg Boss Unlimited.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote

Show Name Bigg Boss 6 Telugu
Season 6
Channel Star Maa
Show Starting Date 04-September-22
Streaming time 9Pm
Number of Contestants 19
Language Telugu

Bigg Boss Season 6 Show started on February 26, 2022. It is streaming 24*7 on Disney Hotstar App. For the Audience who want the whole day show in an hour, Bigg Boss 6 Telugu makers have made a 1 Hour Special Programme every day and it will be telecast on Hotstar everyday night at 9pm.

The craze for Bigg Boss goes on increasing every day. TRP Ratings also getting Positive and High with this show. Bigg Boss Season 6 Now streaming exclusively on Hostar OTT Platform. Disney Hotstar is now available for reasonable Subscription rates. Subscribe soon, Watch and Enjoy this Reality show.

The winner of Bigg Boss Season 6 will get a Cash Prize of 50 lakh apart from remuneration. Every Contestant will be given remuneration per day. This remuneration may vary based on their Popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What’s the limit for Bigg Boss Season 6 Vote per day?

10 votes. You can give 10 votes per day from one registered account.

How to watch Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Online?

Disney Hotstar App, Website. Subscribe to Disney Hotstar App and Watch online Bigg Boss 6 Telugu.

What are Bigg Boss Season 6 results today?

Visit Our “Bigg Boss 6 Voting Poll” Section. we update the results and nomination list in this section regularly from time to time

Who is the winner of Bigg Boss 6 Telugu vote OTT?

Bindu Madhavi, is the winner of Bigg Boss 6 OTT Show

Who is Eliminated this week – Bigg Boss Season 6?

Elimination will be decided at end of the week.

Conclusion: Here in this Article We have given you the most important details of the Bigg Boss Telugu Show. We have Presented Your Unofficial Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting Poll also. This voting poll results will be almost the same to the Real and Official Bigg Boss Voting results.

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  1. Bindhu is a very strong player and she speaks very clear on her points she is playing very genuine and honest. Akhil is very rude on bindhu everytime it clearly shows always trying to dominate her using unnecessary words on her also in the same Way Natraj following Akhil to blame Bindhu.

  2. Bhidhu is utter waste but her PR team.outside the house potreyed het as the winner and mileading people. If she wins the title it is not becuase she deseves it but because of her PR team.

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