Bigg Boss Non Stop Telugu Contestant Missed Call Numbers

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu: Bigg Boss is one of the most popular TV shows in India, Bigg Boss show succeeded in all languages, not only urban people even rural villagers loved the show. now Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu is going to start on February 26, 2022, but this time the show is going to be most experimental because the show is going to be 24hours ‘LIVE’ sounds exciting right?

Bigg Boss Non Stop Telugu

For the contestants to continue in Biggboss Bigg Boss they need audience voting, audience voting will decide their fate and a lot of audiences will vote for their favorite contestants and to vote for any contestant they form an opinion after watching 1hr episode, but this time is the completely different audience will watch them 24 hours so now voting is more precious than before.

So if you’re a Bigg Boss fan and you want to vote for your favorite contestant then it’s not a big deal, but the only thing you need is their number, if you’re looking for missed call number for you’re favorite contestant number then all information given below check it out.

S. No Name of Participant Number Assigned
1  Mumait Missed Call Number TBA
2  Tejaswi Missed Call Number TBA
3  Ashuu Reddy Missed Call Number TBA
4  Ariyana Missed Call Number TBA
5  Akhil Sarthak Missed Call Number TBA
6 Sarayu Missed Call Number TBA
7  Hamida Missed Call Number TBA
8  Natraj Master Missed Call Number TBA
9 Anchor Shiva Missed Call Number TBA
10  RJ Chaithu Missed Call Number TBA
11 Sravanthi Missed Call Number TBA
12  Anil Rathod Missed Call Number TBA
13  Ajay Kathurvar Missed Call Number TBA
14  Charles Missed Call Number TBA
15  Mahesh Vitta Missed Call Number TBA

How to Vote for Bigg Boss Telugu Non-Stop

Voter for your favorite contest is very simple after you get the number, you have 2 different methods to vote for your favorite contestents.

Hotstar Method

  • First, download the Hotstar app on your Mobile
  • Register an account with your Mobile Number
  • Go to the search bar on the right side and click Bigg Boss Non-Stop
  • Click on the Bigg Boss Non-Stop logo and the Voting button will show below the logo, click on it and select your favorite contestants and you can just Tap on the contestant image and you can Tap 10 times it means 10 votes.

Missed Call  Method

  • Each contestant will have their own Mobile Number for a vote
  • You can just dial your contestant Mobile number
  • After failing the call and cuts itself, which means 1 call is equal to 1 vote, you can give 10 votes.

Voting time might change compared to previous ones because this time 24 hours live, so the voting time might increase will see.

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