YSR Bheema Beneficiary Status 2022 | How To Check Payment List By Aadhar

YSR Bheema Beneficiary Status (వైఎస్ఆర్ భీమా పథకం): Andhra Pradesh Government has been launching many Welfare Scheme and recently it released “YSR Bheema Beneficiary Status”. Here we will give you all the Information related to this YSR Bheema Benificiary Status, like How Can you Check YSR Bheema Status by Aadhar ? Its Objectives, Benefits, Features, Eligibility Criteria, Application Process, etc


The AP YSR Bheema Scheme 2021 was launched by the Andhra Pradesh Government on 21st October 2020. According to this Scheme, State Govt will Provide Insurace Coverage to Below Poverty line Families.

YSR Bheema Beneficiary Status 2021

YSR Bheema Yojana will cover 1.41 crore of BPL families in Unorganized Sector. Ap State will alone borne this amount. The Estimated amount would be around Rs. 510 Crores 

Scheme Details:
Name of Scheme YSR Bheema Scheme
Application Status Active
Premium amount Rs 15 per annum

The Premium amount is expected to Increase for YSR Bheema Yojana as Applicants also seems to be increasing much more.

The amount of YSR Bheema Death Claim Status Premium will be Paid by the AP Govt. YSR Bheema Yojana is a Type of Insurance Scheme, that provides protection to Poor families at time of accident of family members in Unorganized Sectors. 

According to this scheme, if Beneficiaries family members any one dies of accident or becomes disability, then they will get amount that is assured by the AP govt.

AP YSR Bheema Status Latest Update

In 31st  March 2021 AP CM Jagan Mohan reddy has released Rs.254 crores of amount to Insure the families of 12,039 deceased Persons. AP Govt is spending 510 crores per annum for Free insurance to families under YS Bheema Yojana.

Insurance amount ranges from Rs.1.5 lakh to 5 lakh. This amount will be credited into beneficiaries account within 15 days.

According to this Scheme, the Beneficiary has to pay Rs.15 per year to avail this YSR Bheema Yojana. Apart from this Scheme, Ap govt will provide Rs. 10000 as immediate financial assistance to the deceased or disability beneficiary.

Objectives of YSR Bheema Yojana

  • To Provide Insurance Coverage to Poor Families and Unorganized sectors workers
  • Coverage will be given at time of Permanent Disability or death.
  • The Beneficiary will definitely receive financial Support
  • Insurance Coverage Details by Categories Under AP YSR Bheema Scheme 2021
  • 18 to 50 will get 5 Lakh Insurance in case of Death or Permanent Disability
  • 51 to 70 age applicants will get 3 lakh for death or Permanent Disability
  • All Applicant between 18 to 70 will get 1.5 lakh in case of Partial disability due to accident
  • Benefits of YSR Bheema Scheme
  • Protection to Poor Families who work in Unorganized Sectors
  • If Beneficiary dies, nominee will be Provided Insurance coverage
  • AP govt is spending 510 crores rupees annually for this Scheme
  • Claim Amount will be credited within 15 days
  • Rs. 10000 will be given as immediate financial relief
  • Beneficiary has to pay a Premium of Rs.15 Per Year
  • Beneficiary will be Provided an ID card which will have UID number and Policy number
  • If Beneficiary faces any Problems then they can contact PD DRDA and can complaint issues related to Payments and claims

Insurance Coverage as Per YSR Bheema Scheme

  • Form 1 – 18 to 50 Age – Coverage of 5 Lakh for Permanent Disability or accidental death
  • Form 2 – 51 to 70 age – 3 Lakh Insurance for Accidental death or Permanente Disability
  • Form 3 – 18 – 50 Age – 2 Lakh insurance for Natural Death
  • Form 4 – 18 to 70 age – Insurance of 1.5 lakh in case of partial disability.

Note: Claim amount will be credited into beneficiaries account within 15 days.

YSR Bheema Scheme Nominee

Below People Can Be Nominees

  • Beneficiary’s Spouse 21 yrs old son
  • Single Daughter
  • Widow Daughter
  • Dependent Parents
  • Widow Daughter or her Children

Note: The Beneficiary will be Provided with UID Number and a Policy Number

YSR Bheema Eligibility Criteria

  • Permanent Resident of AP
  • Must have white Ration Card
  • Ration Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Housing Certificate
  • Pay Certificate
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Bank Account Details
  • Mobile Phone Number

YSR Bheema Status Check By Aadhar

Go to official Website https://www.bima.ap.gov.in/

YSR Bheema Official Website Home Page

ON this Home Page you can find all the details related to YSR Bheema Yojana. 

Login with your ID and then you can download your Status under YSR Bheema Beneficiary Scheme

YSR Bheema Death Claim Status

AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Started this Scheme on 21st October 2021. Since then approximately 12039 People have died in accident and some got permeant disability. CM Jagan decided to give Insurance coverage to all those families. On 31st March 2021, Budget of 258 Crores was released by CM Jagan Mohan Reddy to insure these families. The Beneficiaries who hasn’t applied in this time can also get insured by the govt.

YSR Bheema Yojana

The Families of 12039 will get Insurance amount as per Categories. This YSR Bheema Scheme was launched on 21st October 2021. To get Insurance claim the deceased family member have to follow the below staples to claim the Insurance amount. 

Go to Official Website https://www.bima.ap.gov.in/

Click On Bheema Status Link and Enter Aadhaar Number

Your YSR Bheema Beneficiary Status will Upload on your Computer Screen

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is YSR Bheema Scheme

According to this Scheme If you Apply and pay Rs.15 Per annum then the beneficiary will get Insurance amount from 1.5 lakh to 5 lakh max in case of accidental death or permanent disability.

How Do I Check by YSR Bheema Status ?

Go to Official Website https://www.bima.ap.gov.in/, Login and click on Bheema Status

How can I Apply ?

Go to Official website  https://www.bima.ap.gov.in/ or take the help of Volunteer executive. You will be given UID Number and Policy number after getting registering on YSR Bheema Yojana. 

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