Hello World Web Series Review & Ratings | Hit or Flop?

A tale of eight young people who enter a huge IT Company with the belief that their hardships are behind them, only to discover that life has a lot more to offer than they had anticipated, Although how they cope up with the situations to achieve their dreams forms the rest of the story.

Hello World starring Aryan Rajesh, Ram Nithin, Nikhil, Sudarsan, Anil Geela, Nayan Karishma, Apoorva Alla, Nitya Shetty, and Snehal Kamat.

Office drama series are very rare in Telugu, the genre is mostly used in Hindi but Telugu makers upgraded themselves according to the viewer's taste and trying to bring unique and engaging content and Hello World is one of the decent office dramas ever made in Telugu.

The series starts off well by introducing 8 people's lives and their conflicts and once all the guys get the job in IT the tale shifts into a big IT company half of the story happened in the company and an IT guy will connect with this whole drama happening in the company.

However, over a point, the series gets dragged with repetitive scenes but last 2 episodes saved the series.

Technically Hello World is good but not as good and the rest of the technical departments did their best.

Finally, Hello World is a well-made new-age office drama series that can be watched by everyone.

Rating: 3.5/5

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