Everything You Need To Know About The World of Brahmastra

What's The Story Of Brahmastra ?

Director Ayan Mukherji explains that "The Astraverse," an abstract concept involving astras, is crucial to the plot. These astras (weapons) are all modelled after one of the four most powerful elements found in the natural world: fire, earth, wind, or water.

These astras—Vanarastra, Nandi astra, Prabhastra, Jalastra, and Pawan astra each have their own special set of abilities.

Ranbir Kapoor’s Character in Brahmastra?

Shiva, portrayed by Ranbir Kapoor, wields the element of fire, the most potent and omnipotent astra in the Astraverse. Given that he is the fire astra and all the other astras are water or earth, he stands out as a remarkable miracle in the Astraverse.

What's The Budget Of Brahmastra ?

Reports indicate that Brahmastra: Part 1 is extremely costly for a Bollywood film to make. It's expected to cost more than Rs 400 crore. Promotional expenses are supposedly not included in this budget.

Bramhastra VFX

The Indian studio Prime Focus, which was honoured with an Academy Award for its contribution to the film Dune at the 94th Academy Awards, created breathtaking visual effects for the movie Brahmastra.

The same Indian company that worked on the Oscar-winning Dune also worked on the visual effects for the epic fantasy film Brahmastra.