Cadaver Telugu Dubbed Movie Review & Ratings | Hit or Flop?

Dr.Bhadra(Amala Paul) is a skilled forensic analyst who takes up a case of a young girl, and finds she was gang raped and brutally murdered, and police are in search of the murderer, left with no clue how did Dr.Bhadra and police find the murderer is the rest of the story.

Cadaver starring Amala Paul, Munishkanth, and Athulya.

Cadaver is one the best engaging thrillers made in recent times, the film holds the suspense to the climax so well and it hooked the viewer from the film beginning to end.

The film's narration never gets bored as it twofold the curiosity to know who the murderer is and the investigation process shot it so well and it makes you sit till the climax which we should appreciate the makers for making it engageable.

Amala Paul as Bhadra is good as we can expect more from her but the character has a set of limitations and within those limitations.

Anoop Panike succeeded in hooked the viewers from start to end but the core emotion didn't land well he could have written it even more effectively apart from a few flaws he made a decent thriller.

Technically Cadaver is not up to the mark as AravindSingh's visuals partly good as this kind of movie demands dark visuals but he shot most of the scenes with bright lighting and Ranjin Raj's background score is good.

Finally, Cadaver is a decent thriller that can be watched by every section of the audience.

Rating: 3.5/5

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