Arun Vijay’s Tamilrockerz Telugu dubbed Series Review & Ratings | Hit or Flop?

Aditya, one of the state's top stars, had his high-budget film 'Garuda' uploaded on Tamilrockerz. This website leaks the biggest movie despite various measures. A movie producer complains about the website, so a special police officer investigates to discover the leakers. The tale continues from there.

Tamilrockerz movie casts Arun Vijay in leading role, while Vani Bhojan, Ishwarya Menon, Azhagam Perumal, Vinodhini, G.Marimuthu, Tharun Kumar, Vinod Sagar, Ajit Joshy are playing other prominent roles.

This series has an interesting point revolving around some of piracy websites that are uploading the new movies in HD quality within hours of it's release or even earlier than release.

Network behind this piracy websites and investigation to trap these criminals looks very interesting as premise is new in Indian cinema.

While it comes to acting, Arun Vijay did a good performance in the role of a cop investigating the masked criminals behind the movie piracy, but the role looks limited giving no scope to him to perform.

Technically Tamilrockerz looks okay. Director Arivazhagan impresses with his making by maintaining the thrill through out the episodes.

Overall, Tamilrockerz is an intriguing crime drama that can be watched for it's unique point and making.

Rating: 3.5/5

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