TRP Rating of Telugu New Channels 2022

TRP Rating of Telugu News Channels 2022: Ther are number of Telugu News channel available. Before 20 Years there was only 2 news channels. DD News and Gemini News in Telugu States. But now after the Advancement in technology and in Broadcasting, Many Telugu Channels have come up. IN this Article we are presenting you the Latest this Weeks TRP Ratings of Telugu News Channels in 2022. All these details have been taken from the Official Biggest Broadcasting Organisation “BARC”


TRP rating of Telugu news channels Weekly List – February 2022

Telugu News Channels TRP: 03 February (Sat) to 09 February 2022 (Fri)

Rank Channel Name TRP
1 TV9 Telugu 73100K
2  NTV Telugu 61349K
3 TV5 News 42374K
4 Sakshi TV 33195K
5 V6 News 31554K

Telugu News Channels TRP: 26 January (Sat) to 02 February 2022 (Fri)

Rank Channel Name TRP
1 TV9 Telugu 73299K
2 NTV Telugu 69349K
3 TV5 News 48374K
4 Sakshi TV 33795K
5 V6 News 33554K

Telugu News Channels TRP: 19 January (Sat) to 25 January 2022 (Fri)

Rank Channel Name TRP
1 NTV Telugu 68240K
2 TV9 Telugu 67364K
3 TV5 News 47623K
4 V6 News 32968K
5 Sakshi TV 27999K

Telugu News Channels TRP: 12 January (Sat) to 18 January 2022 (Fri)

Rank Channel Name TRP
1 NTV Telugu 65484k
2 TV9 Telugu 64850k
3 TV 5 News 49983k
4 V6 News 34396k
5 T News 26749k

Telugu News Channels TRP: 29 December (Sat) to 04 January 2022 (Fri)

Rank Channel Name TRP
1 TV9 Telugu 67406k
2 NTV Telugu 59173k
3 TV 5 News 46383k
4 V6 News 35219k
5 T News 25355k

Telugu News Channels TRP: 22 December (Sat) to 28 December 2021 (Fri)

Rank Channel TRP
1 TV9 Telugu 71046K
2 NTV Telugu 56082K
3 TV 5 News 46366K
4 V6 News 33347K
5 T News 23798K

Disclaimer: What all information we have given here has been taken from the Broadcasting Audience Research Council of India which is the biggest official organization in India dealing with TV Shows and TV Channels, Television broadcasting. Keep visiting our website to get the latest TRP Ratings every week.

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