Top 7 Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcasts To Lead a Better Life

Top 7 Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcasts: We all know, Tollywood star director Puri Jagannadh started his own podcast during the COVID-19 pandemic, covering various topics around us. He discusses various issues related to Human emotions such as success, problems, humanity, fear, guilt and many more. Here are the Top 10 Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcasts to listen during the Corona pandemic.

Top 10 Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcasts


Top 7 Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcasts To Lead a Beautiful Life

#1 Drone

Drone is one of the best Puri Musings by Puri Jagannadh available on Spotify Podcasts. Sure this Podcast will help all the people who are facing struggles and problems in their daily life. The Podcast says that “Look at the problems in a Drone view not from the normal ground view”. In simple worlds, problem looks smaller when we take a drone and view it from the top angle.

#2 Comfort Zone

The Podcast says that being in Comfort Zone always keeps us in trouble. When we take a risk it will increase the ability to think creative and also gives us more satisfaction and excitement. So finally this Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcast ssays that don’t take everything granted and take a risk in your life to become a Super Star.

#3 Money

Money is one of the best Spotify Podcasts of Puri Jagannadh where he highlights the importance of money to lead a beautiful life. The podcast tells us about the importance of money in our daily life. As we all are leaving in a society where Money plays an important role. So, respect money and earn sufficient money to enoy everyday of your life.

#4 Fear

As we ll aware that no one will born with a Fear but the society surrounding us will create a lot of fear in us including religions. Moreover, everyone taught us to fear of god but not to love him. This amazing Spotify Podcast of Puri Jagannadh tells us that to maintain Sense of Humour and to build our Body and Muscles to get out of every temporary fear in our life.

#5 Common Sense

Today we are leaving in a world where we can see Educated people lacking common sense and while the uneducated people are having it. The qualities of Common Sense includes Accepting Failures, Being Loyal, Sense Danger, having Will Power, etc but these days foolish people are ruling the world. So, he advises everyone to leave with some common sense but don’t expose it to foolish people.

#6 Older Friends

We all know spending times with our grand fathers and grand mothers in our childhood days are memorable moments in our life. But when we grow up we will miss these old Friends due to our busy works. Older Friendship is always a Window to experience the future. So, always maintain a older friend with at least 20 years of age gap to learn how to deal with problems in your life, says puri.

#7 Anxiety

Anxiety is a common thing nowadays where most of the people suffering with this human disorder. This Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcast tells its listeners how to recover from Anxiety levels. Moreover he highlights a point that spending time with pets can cure anxiety levels to stay peaceful.

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