Top 10 Best Actor in Tollywood (All Time)

Top 10 Best Actor in Tollywood: Movies in India are mostly male dominating and male leads are the force behind Indian movies who can draw the audience to theatres with their following off-screen and on-screen charm. Indian actors are more versatile and should be trained in multiple fields like fights, dances other than acting. Audience can connect to any hero when they see themselves in an actor while performing on screen.

There are very few actors who can entertain the audience with their natural performances, while others can entertain them with dances, fights and looks. Though there are many such talented actors in Telugu who can give best performances, we are listing the top 10 best actors in Telugu, who can perform effortlessly on screen and make audience go crazy with their acting & craze.

Top 10 Best Actor in Tollywood

Top 10 Best Actor in Tollywood

1) Akkineni Nageshwara Rao (ANR)

The works of Akkineni Nageshwara Rao covered a wide variety of styles and protagonists. For seven decades, he was the undisputed leader of Telugu cinema, earning him a permanent place in film history. About 250 films feature him in some capacity; picking his top 10 would be a daunting undertaking. The following films showcase the range and ability of the late, lamented actor. He passed away on January 22.

2) Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao (NTR)

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, or Sr. NTR as he was more well known, was a prominent figure in Telugu cinema and politics. The multitalented actor, producer, and director is admired for his charm, attractiveness, and ground-breaking work. He was one of the most charismatic actors in Indian film, and his performances were often praised as unforgettable. NTR has had a career spanning over 40 years and over 200 films. His popularity among the Telugu diaspora has made him a cultural icon and matinee idol, with the name Viswa Vikhyatha Nata Sarvabhouma being used to refer to him.

3) Chiranjeevi

You don’t have to introduce yourself to the world to know who Chiranjeevi is. Because of his own efforts, the actor now experiences unparalleled joy. The name Chiranjeevi conjures up more than just an attitude. His career has been nothing short of a sensation and an inspiration, and he has broken every record there is to break. Many of Tollywood’s current crop of heroes got their start in the business because of Chiru.

4) Venkatesh Daggubati

One of Tollywood’s greatest heroes of the ’90s, Daggubati Venkatesh is a legend. Already an accomplished filmmaker, his 73 feature films have inspired two other films currently in production. The actor Venkatesh was one of Tollywood’s four mainstays due to his adaptability. So far in his career, he’s had a number of roles that were both interesting and challenging. To be sure, the majority of his followers have traditionally been female. Female moviegoers in Telugu are especially fond of Venkatesh. Seven state Nandi Awards and six Filmfare Awards for best actor are among Venkatesh’s many accolades. Venkatesh is probably one of the rare heroes to have never garnered any haters.

5) Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu, a super star in India, requires no introduction. One of the few South Indian heroes capable of convincingly conveying any nuance of feeling, he is a rarity. But his understated performance deserves special recognition. NTR correctly stated at an event that Mahesh is the only hero in the Telugu Cinema Industry to have extensively experimented with his career. The young Mahesh also had a cinematic career. Acting, then, is not foreign to the Super Star.

But ever since he made his debut, there has been no stopping him. Perhaps Mahesh’s films will bomb, but he won’t. Regardless of the outcome, he has always delivered as an actor. From his films alone, he has garnered considerable acclaim. As a result, it’s challenging to choose even a handful of his best films. He is currently filming his 27th film, titled Sarkaru Vaari Paata, after having already starred in 26.

6) Jr NTR

The Telugu film industry in India is largely responsible for making Jr. NTR a household name. N. T. Rama Rao, or N.T.R., was the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and the grandson of this man. In 1996, he got the National Film Award for Best Children’s Film for his role as a child actor in Ramayanam. For his work in 27 films, Jr. NTR has received numerous accolades, including two state nandi awards, one IIFA award, one SIIMA award, two Filmfare Best Telugu Actor Award, and four CineMAA Awards.

7) Ravi Teja

When Ravi Teja first entered the spotlight, it was in the supporting role of a doctor in the film “Karthavyam” (1990). In the 1999 film Nee Kosam, he was praised for his performance.

He was honoured with the Nandi Special Jury Award for his work in both ‘Nee Kosam’ (1999) and ‘Khadgam’ (2002, respectively). Additionally, Teja’s performance in “Neninthe” earned him the state’s top acting honor, the Nandi Award. Commercial successes are abundant in the actor’s filmography. In addition, there have been localised versions of a few of these movies.

8) Nani

Nani, whose real name is Ghanta Naveen Babu, is a popular actor, producer, and TV host in Telugu movies. After several years as an assistant director, the middle-class Hyderabad native and future superstar made his breakthrough with Ashta Chamma in 2008. The Telugu film industry has benefited greatly from Tuck Jagadish’s 13 years on the scene.

9) Allu Arjun

Trendy Superstar Allu Arjun is currently a major star in the movies made in South India. Despite his film history. He had to work hard to achieve his success. Critics have been harsh on the son of mega-producer Allu Aravind and nephew of mega-star Chiranjeevi. He’s been slowly constructing a dynasty on the foundation of naysayers’ complaints. To put it simply, he is one of India’s most stylish performers, and the nickname “Stylish Star” fits him perfectly. In point of fact, he is among the heroes with the highest success rate. His script selections are spot on. He can do it all, in a way. He has a huge fan base in Kerala, making him a rarity among heroes.

10) Sharwanand

Sharwanand has proven his worth at the box office, establishing himself as one of the best actors of his generation. The gifted actor has amassed a significant body of work, rising from relatively humble beginnings to portray a wide range of characters in films that have garnered widespread acclaim. He has charisma, intelligence, and skill in spades, making him a popular actor. He’s the kind of actor who can carry a movie on his shoulders and guarantee that all of his movies are box office smashes.

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