Tollywood Most Tweeted Hero’s Of 2022

Tollywood Most Tweeted Hero’s Of 2021: Tollywood is the most Crazies film industry in Indian Cinema. Movie lovers and Star fan following in telugu states is much higher than in all industries. Telugu Cinema has almost gone in veins of all telugu people.


Tollywood Most Tweeted Hero’s Of 2021

Tollywood Most Tweeted Hero's Of 2021

Pawan Kalayan Top

Telugu states has a history of making tollywood hero into Chief Minister. Since Social media began, fan following is based on the number of tweets to their favourite star. As of Now, Pawan Kalyan Topped the list of Telugu heroes with highest number of tweets or most tweeted Hero. Powerstar Pawan Kalayan has millions of fans and followers. Every year his fans break birthdays tweet records wishing Pawan Kalyan.

Rank Most Tweeted Tollywood Hero
1 Power Star Pawan Kalyan
2 Prince Mahesh Babu
3 Junior NTR
4 Icon Star Allu Arjun
5 Mega Power Star Ramcharan Tej

Prince Mahesh Babu

After Pawan Kalyan Mahesh Babu in the Second place with highest number of tweets. Prince Mahesh babu, Son of Super Star krishna also has huge fan following. Nowadays he is helping in heart surgeries for children who are in needy.

Tollywood Most Tweeted Hero's Of 2021

Junior NTR

Junior NTR stands in 3rd Place. Junior NTR Who looks like his Grand father Senior NTR also has huge fan base. He plays both mass and class characters well and had garnered more number of fans within short span of his career. He is the now the only man from NTR family who build huge stardam in tollywood.

Icon Star

Stylish Star Allu Arjun also build huge craze in tollywood. His fan following is more than Ramcharan who’s son of Megastar Chiranjeevi. Recently Allu Arjun fans formed Allu Army in telugu states and are conducting welfare Programmes.

Tollywood Most Tweeted Hero's Of 2021

Mega Power Star

Ram Charan is the 4th Biggest Star from Mega family after Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan and Allu Arjun. Ram charan’s acting, action and dance performances has garnered huge fans. His mannerisms and style looks just like his father Chiranjeevi. He is on 5th Place in Tollwood Most Tweeted Hero’s.

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