There is a Twitter feud happening between actor Vishwak Sen and director Sai Rajesh

Most of us are quite used to the movie industry feuds. It is most common that there are some differences between the lead actors and directors. These differences because of some changes in the script or sometimes heroes might change their decision whether to work in the film or not. We have seen these kind differences happening in the industry from quite sometime.

There is a Twitter feud happening between actor Vishwak Sen and director Sai Rajesh

But the latest one has got the attention of the audience and it is actually trending on twitter. The latest tweet by the dynamic actor Vishwak Sen and Baby director Sai Rajesh has created some attention on the social media.

Recent updates, came from the industry news that Sai Rajesh was planning the movie Vishwak Sen, But Vishwak Sen didn’t listen to the script and said no directly on the face. As per the reports, it is said Vishwak Sen mentioned that he didn’t want to do a film with some spoof director.

In the recent success meet, Allu Arjun and Sai Rajesh has tried to bring out this issue and they have been careful not reveal the name of the actor. After the event was done, Vishwak Sen put an smiling emoji on his twitter account.

Most of the fans didn’t understand it and kept various comments to his unique tweet. Then after sometime Vishwak Sen tweeted that ‘ No Means No’ and it applies to men as well, so let’s keep it cool and from shouting. We are all about that peaceful vibe here, so let’s just relax’

After this tweet, the tweet went trending on the twitter and many discussions are going on about this.  After that Sai Rajesh has mentioned on his twitter that ‘ Go head… I am reading your tweets”. We don’t know when this twitter war will end. Let’s wait and watch.


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