The impact of RRR’s losses on Salaar’s performance in the Telugu States

Most of us know that not every movie in the movie industry is a big hit. Sometimes some movies and distributors may end up with huge losses. At the same time, some movies will bring bigger profits than expected. Right now, this is an issue with Prabha’s upcoming PAN Indian movie with Prashanth Neel and that is Salaar. Most of the distributors are taking a step back because of RRR losses.

The impact of RRR's losses on Salaar's performance in the Telugu States

We all know that SS Rajamouli is one of the top directors in India right now. Many distributors have brought the rights of the movie for a very huge price. But the movie has worked only in Nizam and Andhra Pradesh. Others have got a huge losses for their money investment.

Right now, the makers are planning to sell the rights of the movie for at least Rs 200crores. The buyers are now stepping back, because they don’t want to risk their money for this movie. Another major reason is that the movies in Andhra Pradesh are not doing good business because of ticket prices. If any movie has to increase the ticket price then they have to take permission from the government. Now let’s hope that the movie Salaar will get good distributors for their quoted price only.


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