Sunny Leone Upcoming Movies List 2022, 2023 (Recently Updated)

Sunny Leone Upcoming Movies: Initially a porn star, Sunny Leone transitioned into an actor in the Hindi film industry after receiving numerous acting offers. Although she primarily appeared in adult comedies in her early acting career, she has recently begun appearing in other genre movies. In Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam, she is making her acting debut this year.

Sunny Leone Upcoming Movies List

When Sunny Leone worked as a correspondent for MTV India in 2005, she made her first significant television debut by covering the MTV India Awards. She then appeared in the motion picture The Girl Next Door. Despite the film’s mediocre success, Sunny’s performance went unnoticed. Sunny competed in the second season of Fox’s My Bare Lady 2: Open for Business after making her acting debut. Sunny stated that she would be open to acting in a Bollywood film if the right offer came along during the filming of this Showtime documentary about the personal lives of the show’s stars.

She was courted by a number of well-known Indian filmmakers before she made her Bollywood debut, most notably Mohit Suri, who wanted her to star in his movie Kalyug. Because the director couldn’t afford to pay her a $1 million acting fee, Deepal Shaw was given the role instead. She started her career in the Indian show business in 2011 after making an appearance on the popular reality television programme Big Boss. She received the lead role in Jism 2, the follow-up to Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s 2003 film Jism, while she was a Big Boss contender, following a quick visit by Bhatt. After accepting the opportunity, Sunny started her Bollywood career.

Nevertheless, in this post, we’ll talk about Sunny Leone’s upcoming films. Scroll down to see the list to learn more.

Sunny Leone Upcoming Movies List 2022, 2023

S. NO Movie Name Year
1 Ginna (Telugu) 2022
2 Rangeela (Malayalam) 2022
3 Oh My Ghost (Tamil) 2022
4 Veeramadevi (Tamil) 2023
5 Shero (Tamil) 2023
6 Koka Kola 2023
7 Helen 2023

From 2022 to 2023, Sunny Leone will appear in films in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam, among other languages. Additionally, she will be seen in a special song for the upcoming Kannada film “Champion.” With several projects already in the works for the years 2022–2023, Sunny Leone appears to be one of the busiest actors.

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