Richest Tollywood Actors

Richest Tollywood Actors

Are you curious to know who is the richest actor in the Telugu film industry? Well, we got all the information as to who is the richest actor in the Telugu film industry. Check the details below. 

Richest Tollywood Actors

Nagarjuna – 3000 crores

Nagarjuna Akkinenin is the richest tollywood actior. He’s ventured into business and does several commercial ads too. He is acute in making business decisions. He established the Annapurna Film industry in Hyderabad.  

Ram Charan – 2800 crores

Ram Charan who is son of Mega Star Chiranjeevi is in second richest Tollywood actor. RRR actor is doing several ads. Apart from being an actor, he’s businessman. His current net worth is over 2800 crores.

Chiranjeevi – 1500 Crores  

Mega  Star Chiranjeevi is the third richest actor who has been in films for decades now. He is doing ads. His current net worth is Rs. 1500 crores.  

Jr NTR – 1000 crores

Jr NTR who is proved to be a versatile actor has been one of the top five richest actors in Telugu film industry. He’s now collaborating with Rajamouli for RRR film. His current net worth is around 1000 crores.

Nandamuri Balakrishna – 800 crores

Nandamuri Balakrishna mostly known as Balayya babu is one of the richest actors in Tollywood. He has various businesses. Apart from being an actor and producer, he’s a member of the state assembly. His current net worth is 800 crores.

Allu Arjun – 350 crores

The stylish star Allu Arjun is one of the finest actors who has around 350 crores. He’s one of the top richest actors in the Telugu movie industry.

Prabhas – 250 crores  

Prabhas who acted in block buster movies Bahubali series has increased his remuneration. It’s believed that he charges around 20 crores for one film. His current net worth is around 250 crores.

Mahesh Babu – Net worth 150 crores

Prince Mahesh Babu who is known as Prince has been on the success race in terms of movies. He apart from movies does commercial ads. So far, he acted in intenrenatiol ads and beverages. He established his own production house GMB cinemas.

S.No Actor Net Worth (In Crores)
1 Nagarjuna 3000
2 Ram Charan 2800
3 Chiranjeevi 1500
4 NTR 1000
5 Balakrishna 800
6 Allu Arjun 350
7 Prabhas 250
8 Mahesh Babu 150

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