The Pros and Cons of the Virtual Classroom in India

Pros and Cons of the Virtual Classroom in India: With the unexpected Lockdown in India, many Educational Institutions preferring Online Virtual Classrooms for its students. The new trend has been already started for a while and it has both advantages and disadvantages. Among the many benefits of online education, the main benefits includes, you can enjoy a more flexible schedule, can reduce the cost of your degree, and can allow you to more easily develop your career alongside furthering your education.

Pros and Cons of the Virtual Classroom

Besides these benefits, Virtual Classroom also has some lacks. Staying on task and being self-motivated will be more challenging; which is one of the most important reason why online learning isn’t right for everyone. By knowing more about the benefits and lacks of virtual learning, you can get a better idea of whether it might be suitable for you and your educational and career goals.

The Pros and Cons of the Virtual Classroom in India

Benefits of Virtual Classroom:

#1. Flexibility

Among the many benefits of Virtual Classroom, you will find it ideal for people who advance their studies while working. In a traditional classroom, lectures will be scheduled at a specific time of day and your schedule will be shaped according to class availability. If you’re currently employed and classes aren’t available after your work hours, it can be difficult to juggle a load of classes on top of your work duties.

#2. No Distractions

The virtual online learning gives you a lot more autonomy in deciding your own schedule. This means you can study when it’s convenient for you. Do you live with loud roommates? Having more control over your schedule also means you can avoid distractions more easily.

#3. Schedule Maintenance

As your schedule isn’t dictated by class, you can spend more time doing whatever you want. It may mean focusing on your career or spending time with your family. All you need is a digital device and an internet connection, and you have access to the tools you need to continue your education and graduate.

#4. Time & Cost Advantages

These days Education has become an expensive thing in India, but Online learning can provide a number of ways to negotiate the cost. Your transportation costs to educational institutions will be completely down to zero budget. Also, it saves a lot of time because you don’t need to travel to-and-from campus.

#5. E-Books Replacing Traditional Paper Books

As we all know Indian students spends a huge money on textbooks and course materials. This cost will be replaced by E-Books and PDF books.

#6. Weather conditions

Irrespective of the weather conditions it will be easy for the student to attend the class online without any delay.

#7. Technology Integration

Integrating Online classed with technology proves that it has a lot of advantages. Online learners can easily handle any tools and apps provided by the Institutions.

#8. Focus

Students who find their focus suffers from classroom distractions may benefit from online classes.

#9. Collaboration

Unlike traditional classrooms, Online students have better opportunities to collaborate with international classmates which can improve the communication skills and also lead to exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Drawbacks of Online Classroom:

#1. Power & Internet

In country like India there are frequent outages in Electricity and lack of proper Internet facilities especially in remote areas and villages. If there is a power outage and you’re unable to access the internet as a result of weather conditions, there may be difficulties with missing a scheduled online class.

#2. Student Feedback

In traditional classrooms, teachers will give immediate face-to-face feedback to students. But, the Online class rooms will lack this scope.

#3. Motivation

In normal classrooms, there are many factors that constantly push each student towards their learning goals. But in Online classrooms it will be difficult for the Teacher to focus on each student

#4. Quality Assurance

Especially in India we can see many complaints on teachers and Lectures in Online classes regarding their qualification. Quality Assurance. So, every E-learning program should have well qualified teachers and accredited with certain boards of education.

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