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Parakramam Movie OTT Release Date, Time, Cast, OTT platform, Trailer, and many more details can be checked in this article. Parakramam movie is expected to hit the theatres on 22 April 2024 tentatively. Bandi Saroj Kumar was intended to make his debut with ‘Suryasthamayam’, however the film was never released. Following that, he launched his own YouTube channel, BSK Cult Garage. He created films such as Nirbandham, Mangalyam, and Nirbandhan 2 using the watch and pay model. Those films went viral, and now he’s getting ready for his mainstream breakthrough with ‘Parakramam’. They recently revealed a pre-teaser for the film and will shortly release the trailer along with the release date. He directed this parakramam, played the lead, created the music, and produced the film, like he had done previously.

The first glimpse is intriguing, as it appears that the film will feature a love story centered on gully cricket. Saroj Kumar has already directed strong films such as Nirbandham and Maangalyam, but Parakramam appears to be something else. Sruthi Samanvi will appear as the female lead in this film, and she will also play a major part. Bandi Saroj Kumar stated in an interview that he plans to promote 50 new actors and technicians through this film. However, the directors intend to release the film in conjunction with the upcoming IPL season. Stay tuned to hear more about the film.

Parakramam Movie OTT Release Date, Digital Rights, and Satellite Rights

Parakramam has ended filming and is currently undergoing lengthy post-production. According to the reports, the film’s release date will be disclosed. This narrative is directed by Bandi Saroj Kumar, who has previously directed films such as Nirbandham, Maangalyam, Nirbandham 2, and others. He is more than just a director and actor; he is proficient in all disciplines. With his latest film, Parakramam, he will demonstrate a new perspective.

Movie NameParakramam
OTT PlatformTBA
OTT Release DateTBA
Theatrical Release DateApril 2024
DirectorBandi Saroj Kumar
StarringBandi Saroj Kumar, Sruthi Samanvi, Naga Lakshmi, and others
Film IndustryTollywood

Parakramam Movie OTT Release Date

Parakramam’s digital rights information is yet to be announced by the makers and the movie is expected to hit the screens on 22 April 2024. Bandi Saroj Kumar plays the character of Lovaraju in Lampakalova village. Saroj Kumar has always desired to be a filmmaker and has worked on numerous films. He went to Kollywood and spent some time with Suriya and Simbu making films together. However, things did not proceed as anticipated, so he returned to Hyderabad. Suryasthamayam, in which he directed and acted, was never released due to reshoots. After much work, he launched his YouTube channel, BSK Cult Garage. On that channel, he made a ‘Nirbandham’ movie with a small budget, and it became viral. Intriguingly, he devised a watch and pay approach, which proved to be highly effective. With that confidence, he used the same approach to create ‘Mangalyam’ and ‘Nirbandham 2’.

He is now preparing to make his mainstream breakthrough with Parakramam. He stated in an interview that he plans to introduce 50 novices to the industry. Let’s see how this goes. As for the Parakramam OTT release date, the makers haven’t revealed anything yet. All of the specifics will be revealed once the film is released.

Parakramam Movie OTT Platform (Digital Rights)

Sruthi Samanvi will play the female lead in this film. She is a classical dancer who runs a YouTube channel. She is now making her debut with this flick. Another actress, Naga Lakshmi, plays an important role in this film. Despite having a restricted budget, Parakramam looks extremely amazing. Venkat R. Prasad, a popular cinematographer, handled the camera. He made numerous fantastic films, like Pournami and 100% Love. Kali SR Ashok supplied sound design, having previously worked with Bandi Saroj Kumar on films such as Nirbandham and Mangalyam. However, the official teaser for Parakramam will be revealed soon, and the team will announce the release date alongside it.

Bandi Saroj is a multi-talented individual who performs, directs, composes music, and does a variety of other things. Now, with this picture, he has become a producer as well. Let’s hope this picture does well at the box office, produces many films, and inspires fresh talent. There is currently no information available regarding Parakramam’s digital rights.

Theatrical Release Date: April 2024

Digital Rights: TBA

OTT Release Date: TBA

Satellite Rights: TBA

Satellite Release Date: TBA


Parakramam tells the narrative of Lovaraju (Bandi Saroj Kumar), who resides in Lampakalova hamlet. Lovaraju is a theatrical artist who also enjoys playing cricket. The video explores how local politics affects his life apart from theatre and cricket.

Cast & Crew

Bandi Saroj Kumar, Sruthi Samanvi, Naga Lakshmi, and others. Bandi Saroj Kumar directed, edited, composed music, wrote lyrics, and produced the film for BSK Cult Garage. Venkat R. Prasad handles the camera, and Kali SR Ashok is the sound designer for the film.

Parakramam Movie Trailer

The makers of Parakramam are yet to release the trailer. Meanwhile, they’ve released the pre-teaser.

Parakramam Movie OTT: FAQ

Is Parakramam Released?

No, Parakramam makers haven’t announced it yet.

Where can I watch Parakramam?

Theater, Parakramam is expected to be released in theaters somewhere in April 2024.

Is Parakramam available on OTT?

No, Parakramam is not available on OTT as of now

What is the OTT Release Date of Parakramam Movie?

Parakramam is expected to be released on the OTT platform sometime in May 2024.

Who bought Parakramam Movie OTT Rights?

Parakramam makers haven’t revealed it yet

What is the Parakramam OTT Rights Price?

According to the media reports Parakramam has been sold to a leading OTT platform for Rs 3 crore.

Final Words

Parakramam is advertised as a comedy-infused action drama. The film is slated to be released in April 2024. Bandi Saroj Kumar appears to be more confident in this film than before. He has been waiting for a major break for years, and we’ll see if this picture is it.

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