Medaram Jathara History in Telugu

Medaram Jathara History in Telugu: Medaram Jathara also known as Sammka Saralamma  Jathara, this festival is a Hindu Tribal goddess and this festival celebrated in Telangana, India. the Medaram Jathara begins at Medaram villager in Mulugu district. Medaram Jathara is held every 2years initially about 200o people used to visit Medaram Jathara but once it was declared the National festival Telangana nearly 1 crore devotees visits Medaram Jathara. this year Medaram Jathara will be held from 16th to 19th 2022 nearly 1.20 crore devotees expecting to come to Medaram Jathara.

Medaram Jathara History in Telugu

Sammakka Sarakka Jathara History

Sammakka Saralamma story begins centuries ago, according to the tribal story 6 to 7 centuries ago that means the 13th century, some tribal leaders went for haunting there a tribal leader finds a girl(Sammakka) playing amid tigers then she was taken to their residency later the tribal leader Medaraju adopted her and named as Sammakka and brought up her as a father. later she became a savior of the tribal community after that she was married to Pgididda Raju chief of Koya tribal, who ruled Medaram in Kakatiya times, and Sammakka was blessed with 3 kids Saralamma, Nagulamma, Jampanna.

What is the History of Jampanna Vaagu?

When Kakatiya’s king Pratapa Rudra declared war on Koya Tribes on the day of Magha Shudhha Pornami, in the war Pagidida Raju died after that Sammakka entered into the battlefield with her daughter Saralamma and her son-in-law Govinda Raju but Saralamma also died and Sammakka almost won the battlefield but her son Jampanna died with grief and he fell bleeding in the vaagu called ‘Sapenga Vaagu’ after the death of Govinda Raju that Sampenga Vaagu named as Jampanna Vaagu. and this Jampanna Vaagu is located in the village called Laknavaram in Mulugu district.

How Was Sammakka Saralamma became Godesss

After the war knowing about her family’s demise she had gone to ‘Chilakala Gutta’ hill, where Sammakka manifested as Vermilion Casket(Kunkuma Bharani) as history says. after that Kakatiya king, Pratapa Rudra became a devotee of Sammakka. and also the tribals started believing that Sammakka Saralamma have been protecting them as Adi Parashakti.

Devotees started Vermilion Casket’s as Sammakka Saralamma and they take Vermilion Casket’s to bath in Jampanna Vaagu later offer a Jaggery to Sammakka Saralamma. that’s how Sammakka Saralamma Jathara also known as Medaram Jathara began.

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