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Maataraani Mounamidhi Movie Review: Maataraani Mounamidhi film has generated some buzz in T-Town as the teaser and trailer grabbed the attention and during the promotions, makers have claimed that the film has a unique point that no one has touched before, However, the film finally got to release today August 19, 2022, well without any delay lets us go through the review and find out whether the film lives to the expectations or not.

Maataraani Mounamidhi Movie Review



Maataraani Mounamidhi narrated the story of a musician who lost his sister as his brother-in-law became everything to him, when he came out of the depression he fell in love with girl, unfortunately, she has a speech impaired still he proposed to her but she rejects later twist arises in the tale when some mysterious things start happening in his house, finally, what was the reason for this unknown things forms rest of the story.

Cast & Crew

Mahesh Datta, Soni Srivastava, Srihari Udayagiri, Sanjeev, Archana Ananth, Keshav, Suman Shetty. directed by Suku Purvaj, Cinematography has done by Ivaram Charan, Music Composed by Ashir Luke, and Produced by Rudra Pictures.

Movie Name Maataraani Mounamidhi
Director Suku Purvaj
Music Director Ashir Luke
Producer Rudra Pictures
Genre Love, Horror
Cast Mahesh Datta, Soni Srivastava, Srihari Udayagiri, Sanjeev, Archana Ananth, Keshav, Suman Shetty
Editor NA

Movie Verdict

The movie begins like a regular love story as a boy fell in love with a girl but what made Maataraani Mounamidhi look good is the heroine’s characterization that she has a speech impaired defect added so much newness to the character, however, the first half of the movie went flat as we don’t see any ups and downs in the screenplay as the director completely used the first half to establish the key characters and setting up the plot but second half engages you once the story shifts into a new genre.

We see many love stories as all the stories completely stick to one genre but this tale initially starts like a simple love story but later shifts to the horror genre and it hooked you till the climax and climax has designed quite unique, Although the film lacks emotions as all the emotions didn’t land well except this layer the film partly good with few interesting blocks in the second half.’

Debutant Mahesh Datta did well but not impressive as per his experience this character is a little overweight because the character needs to show some different emotions in the proceedings but he has mostly seen repetitive expressions still he is a good and serial actor Srihari Udayagiri got a good character as he shows his mettle in acting and Soni Srivastava who is the soul of the film as her character has a lot of layers and she pulled it off quite well and rest of the cast did their best.

Suku Purvaj picked up a unique point and he blends it so well with a love story but the hero’s brother-in-law and a few other characters could have been designed better as they look artificial in most of the scenes, However, he succeded in engaging the audience throughout the movie.

Technically Maataraani Mounamidhi is not up to the mark though it is a medium-budget film at least the visuals could have been better Ivaram Charan failed in bringing the good output as we see most of the scenes over-saturated with heavy grading don’t know why. and Ashir Luke’s songs are not up to the mark and background music is partly good and the rest of the technical team is just okay.

Finally, Maataraani Mounamidhi works for a few sections of the audience if you love stories blends with horror elements then you can give it a try.

Rating: 3/5

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