Kumkuma Puvvu (Star MAA) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More

Kumkuma Puvvu (Star MAA) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More: The Indian Telugu serial opera Kumkuma Puvvu, which was originally shown on Star Maa, is now accessible to watch online on Disney+ Hotstar. It is based on the original Kumkumapoovu series, which aired in Malayalam on Asianet. Starring roles are played by Haritha, Princy B. Krishnan, and Vaishu Sundar. With the third generation, the series’ continuity continues.

Kumkuma PuvvuThe Kumkuma Puvvu serial premiered on July 16, 2016, and it can be seen every weekday at 15:00 IST (3:00 PM). The plot follows a professor and his illegitimate daughter as they travel through various places. The lead characters in the television series Kumkuma Puvvu are Asha Sarath and Sajan Surya. This show is a Malayalam adaption.

Kumkuma Puvvu (Star MAA)

Serial Kumkumapoovu Kumkumapoovu is a popular show on Asianet TV. Various dubbed versions of the Kumkuma Puvvu Serial are available in other languages, including Tamil (named Aval) and Kannada (titled Amma).

Kumkuma Puvvu Cast

Haritha as Jayanthi


Jackie as Raghuram


Princy B Krishnan as Amrutha

Princy B Krishnan

Nirupam as Sandeep


Vaishu Sundar as Anjali / Amulya

Vaishu Sundar



Kumkuma Puvvu Timings

Kumkuma Puvvu debuted during primetime and was one of the top five most-watched Telugu GECs till it was moved to an afternoon slot at the end of 2018. Kumkuma Puvvu started on television on July 16, 2016, and airs every weekday at 15:00 IST (3.00 PM).

Channel Name Star MAA
Serial Timings 3.00 P.M (Monday- Saturday)
Running Time 22 Minutes
Starting Date 18 July 2016
Language Telugu
Country India

Kumkuma Puvvu Story

Jayanthi and her unmarried daughter Amrutha were separated when Amrutha was born. Amrutha had been raised for some time by a butcher named Manikyam, who tortured her to unspeakable abuse, despite Jayanthi’s belief that her daughter had died. They will reunite when they are ready.

Amrutha was rescued from the ruthless butcher’s hands and adopted by a better family, where she grew up with a foster brother named Sandeep. After Sandeep marries Siri, Jayanthi’s legitimate daughter, Jayanthi discovers that Siri is her biological daughter, Amrutha (who despises Amrutha). Jayanthi must confront her feelings about her daughter’s disappearance. Amrutha plans to marry Rudra, a local gangster. After losing her spouse Rudra to an enemy, Amrutha meets her parents and becomes pregnant.

Her baby daughter, Anjali, is born, but she subsequently discovers that she died in a home fire. During this period, Jayanthi’s legal son Kiran and daughter-in-law Renuka look after Anjali while Amrutha gradually loses her sanity. Siri and Sandeep have been divorced for some time, and they have a daughter named Jaanu. No one in the family realises Anjali is Amrutha’s daughter. Amrutha resumes her normal behaviour after meeting Anjali.

Anjali initially rejects Amrutha, but she eventually comes to adore her. Renuka grows resentful of Amrutha. Amrutha remarries Arun, who refuses to reconcile with his ex-wife Anjali. He sends Amrutha packing when he discovers she is done having children. But when he realises he can’t have children, he returns her.

Serial Name Kumkuma Puvvu
Genre Drama
Starting Date 18 July 2016
End Date On Going
No.of Episodes 1684
Timings Mon to Sat 3 pm
Run Time 22 min
Channel Star MAA
Language Telugu
Director Ashok Rao B
Producer N. Sai Kumar
Production House Annapurna Studios

Anjali is profoundly saddened by the knowledge that Arun does not love her. There is evidence that Rudra is still alive; he rebrands himself as Shiva and works as a driver for Arun at his company. Arun mistakenly misidentifies Shiva as Rudra. Arun blames Shiva for the pregnancy because he believes the baby will be a boy. Jayanthi invites Amrutha into Arun’s life after learning that Arun may become a parent according to medical discoveries.

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