Jathi Ratnalu Movie Closing Collections Worldwide

Jathi Ratnalu Closing Collections (Day 18): The movie that has given more power to Telugu Cinema is “Jathi Ratnalu”, has not stopped its ride on Box Office even after its 18th Day. Still the movie collections are far better than many other popular Telugu movies released after it. The movie is reportedly crossed Rs.65 Crore Gross at Box Office and in the final run the movie can reach up to another 5 Crore Gross. So, Jathi Ratnalu Closing Collections will be around Rs.70 Crore.

jathi ratnalu movie closing collections


Jathi Ratnalu Closing Collections Will Leave You All Stunned

The movie is said to be made with an estimated budget of Rs.06 Crore and the theatrical business of the movie valued at around Rs.08 Crore. That means the producers and distributors of the film had the Jack Pot with never seen profits in 2021. The profits made by Jathi Ratnalu were more than other two blockbuster films Krack and Uppena. As the movie is coming to the final run in theaters, here are the Jathi Ratnalu Closing Collections.

Jathi Ratnalu Closing Collections AP & TS

Day Wise Worldwide Gross Worldwide Share
Day 1 Rs.6 Cr Rs.3.94 Cr
Day 2 Rs.5 Cr Rs.2.97 Cr
Day 3 Rs.7 Cr Rs.4.28 Cr
Day 4 Rs.10 Cr Rs.5.33 Cr
Day 5 Rs.4 Cr Rs.2.74 Cr
Day 6 Rs.4 Cr Rs.2.05 Cr
Day 7 Rs.3 Cr Rs.1.78 Cr
Day 8 Rs.3 Cr Rs.1.23 Cr
Day 9 Rs.2 Cr Rs.1.02 Cr
Day 10 Rs.3 Cr Rs.1.37 Cr
Day 11 Rs.4 Cr Rs.2.15 Cr
Day 12 Rs.2 Cr Rs.1.07 Cr
Day 13 Rs.1 Cr Rs.0.55 Cr
Day 14 Rs.0.50 Cr Rs.0.37 Cr
Day 15 Rs.0.50 Cr Rs.0.24 Cr
Day 16 Rs.0.25 Cr Rs.0.14 Cr
Day 17 Rs.0.50 Cr Rs.0.25 Cr
Day 18 Rs.1 Cr Rs.0.50 Cr
Day 19 Rs.0.60 Cr Rs.0.30 Cr
Day 20 Rs.- Rs.-
Total Collection Rs.51.6 CR + Rs.33 CR +

Jathi Ratnalu Closing Collections Worldwide

On a whole Jathi Ratnalu has a Unbelievable Milestones at Box office with following collections as of Day 17.

  • AP/ TS: 50 Cr Gross
  • USA: $1M Gross +
  • Australia: A$300k Gross
  • Worldwide: 65 Cr Gross

Disclaimer: All these figures are curated from various authentic sources. However, they can be approximate and we don’t claim for the authenticity of data. But, these figures are adequately equivalent to the performance of the film.

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