How To Become a Script Writer in Tollywood?

How To Become a Script Writer in Tollywood? Are you waiting for a Script writer Chance in Telugu film industry (Tollywood)? then have a look into this complete article. We will let you know with the details how to quick start your game to become a successful Telugu cinema writer. We all know many of the people in society have an interest to become an actor, director or script writer but most of them doesn’t know how to deal with it. So, we have come up with a step by step article that can help you to become a writer in Tollywood.

How To Become a Script Writer in Tollywood

How To Become a Script Writer in Tollywood?

Screenplay writing is one of the toughest task in film making. If you want to become a successful writer in Tollywood then you should know that every script writing job needs a lot of effort. The major aspects of script writing include.

  • Select your favorite Genre
  • Develop Synopsis for an Idea
  • Design the Screenplay
  • Prepare a Bound Script of your story
  • Maintain two versions of the Script
  • Take membership card from trusted associations like TCWA
  • Publish your story as a series in online portals like Kahaniya
  • Find the Email Id’s of Actors and Production Houses Online
  • Send them with your Bound Script PDF along with Experience & Biodata
  • Approach any trusted Agent in Tollywood (or) Visit the Production Houses

What is TCWA?

TCWA is the Andhra Pradesh cine writers Associations was established in the years 1990 and recognized by the All INDIA FILM EMPLOYEES CO FEDERATION. It is the non profit body fighting for the injustices faced by new and aspiring cine writers to keep them all in one pace. The prominent writers of the industry like Paruchuri Brothers, Akella Surya Narayana, Posani, etc are active members of it.

TCWA Membership Types

A.P cine writers Associations is a non-profit body its membership are in two kinds one is life Member whose name was shown on broad screen as a story (script) writer and the second category as Associate member, whose name was not shown on the screen by the released cinemas.

Script Registration Rules TCWA

To write the script you should follow the rules of the TCWA in script writing.

  • While preparing the script to register in TCWA, you have to fold the paper vertically, write the script on the top of the margin and at the bottom the association leaves a stamp on each copy of your script.
  • You will get the script back with association stamps and no one would read your script there.
  • They charge Rs.300/- for every 25 pages.
  • The script registrations will be done only on the Thursday afternoons in between 4.p.m to 6.p.m.

How to Register a Telugu Movie Script in TCWA?

By following the steps below, you can easily register your movie script to Telugu Cine Writers Association.

  • You must register as an associate member by paying a registration fee of Rs 15,000 / – or life member of 25,000 / –
  • There are three levels for Associate Members, if you are a well established and appointed writer, you are at level 1
  • If you have worked for a released movie and having name in the title cards as a writer, you will receive the second level membership card
  • Finally the third level is the entry level, it will be a little difficult to register your script. Since, to register your screenplay, you must bring a letter from a writer that you have worked with and that he or she must be a member of that association

Renewal Fee

Every year you have to pay Rs.500/- as the renewal membership fee

How to become a Lifetime Member?

If you wish to become a life member of the association, your name must appear in at least one film.

How To Reach TCWA Office?

Address: 8-3-720, 9/2, Lane Number 2, Srinagar Colony, Yella Reddy Guda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500073

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