Highest Birthday Tweets in India 2022

Highest Birthday Tweets in India 2021: As per the latest Information Power Star’s Pawan Kalyan’s Advance Birthday wishes Tweets are trending and are numbering highest in India at Present.

Though many celebrities get millions of wishes through twitter like social media but in Tollywood it is like competition between fans of Tollywood.

Highest Birthday Tweets in India 2021
Highest Birthday Tweets in India 2021

Particular Celebrities fans are planning together to break tweeting records on social media. This trend and competition is Happening since few years. 

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Highest Birthday Tweets in India 2022

Sl.No Actor Name No.Of Tweets Tweet
1 Pawan Kalyan 28.3 M + #HBDJanasenaniPawanKalyan
2 Prabhas 10.94 M #41DaysToREBELSTARBDay
3 Junior NTR 8.5 M #NTRBdayFestBegins
4 Mahesh Babu 8.5 M #AdavanceHBDMaheshBabu
5 Pawan Kalyan 6.98 M #AdvanceHBDJanasenani (2021)
6 Pawan Kalyan 2.4 M #JANASENANIBdayCelebrationsIn15d
7 Junior NTR 2.2 M #MassGodNTRBDayIn100Days
8 Prabhas 1.7  M #50DaysToRebelSTARBDay
9 Pawan Kalyan 1.4 M #50DaysToJanasenaniBDay
10 Junior NTR 1.1 M #NTRBirthdayIn50Days

Tollywood Powerstar who is also Political Party founder Pawan Kalyan is going to Celebrate his 49th Birthday on 2 September 2021.

He has a Huge following in telugu states. As now he is also the Janasenani party founder so fans are planning regularly to trend the occasion on Twitter. 

Trending Wishes is a New Trend

Days are gone when fans and followers used to take rallies, procession and huge cake cuttings on Celebrities birthdays. Now followers are trending the issues / wishes with hashtags(#).   

According to Customer Data Platform (CDP) which is the software that estimates and checks particular data on Social media. Pawan kalyan has got highest tweets of 65.01 Million tweets with Mahesh babu in Second place with 31.1 Million Tweets. Here we have given you the List of Actors Trending in top based on Number of Tweets they got.

Highest Birthday Tweets Based on CDP

Sl.No Actor Name Number of Tweets
1 #PawanKalyanBirthdayCDP(20) 65.01 Million
2 #MaheshBabuBdayCDP(20) 31.1 M
3 #SuriyaBirthdayFestCDP(20) 6.8 M
4 #THALAPATHYBdayFestCDP(20) 6 M
5 #NTRBirthdayCDP(20) 5.2 M
6 #ThalaAjithBdayGalaCDP(20) 4.6 M
7 #SultanNTRBdayMonthCDP(20) 2.7 M
8 #PawanKalyanBirthdayCDP(19) 2.2 M
9 #SuperstarMaheshBdayCDP(19) 2 M
10 #BaadshahSudeepBDayCDP 1.5 M

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