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Gurtunda Seetakalam Movie Review: Satyadev is one of the most talented actors in Telugu film industry. Satyadev was underutilized by Telugu directors and most of the time casted him for serious roles. He has come up with a love story ‘Gurtunda Seetakalam’ that is now running in theatres. Let us get into the detailed review of this movie, to know if Satyadev is able to entertain the audience in love genre and if this movie is worth watching in the theatres.

Gurtunda Seetakalam Movie Review



Gurthunda Seetakalam is a story of a guy who meets Divya accidentally on a journey and starts narrating his memories about his love stories. These stories include his childhood first love Komali from his school, Ammu from his college days and Nidhi, who meets him after his college. Movie has different love stories in different age groups and who among these four characters becomes the protagonists love for life is the main point in the story.

Cast & Crew

Gurthunda Seetakalam movie cast includes Satyadev, Tamannaah Bhatia, Megha Akash, Kavya Shetty, Suhasini Maniratnam, Priyadarshi, Harshini. Movie is directed by Nagashekar R and produced by Bhavana Ravi, Nagashekar, Rama Rao Chinthapalli. Music of this movie is composed by Kaala Bhairava and cinematography is handled by Satya Hegde.

Movie Name Gurtunda Seetakalam
Director Nagashekar R
Music Director Kaala Bhairava
Producer Bhavana Ravi, Nagashekar, Rama Rao Chinthapalli
Genre Romance Drama
Cast Satyadev, Tamannaah Bhatia, Megha Akash, Kavya Shetty, Suhasini Maniratnam, Priyadarshi, Harshini
Cinematography Satya Hegde

Movie Verdict

Movie lovers might be aware of the Kannada super hit film ‘Love Mocktail’. Gurthunda Seetakalam is an official remake of this super hit Kannada film. Movie will definitely remind us of our childhood crush stories and love affairs in our college life with some of the scenes throughout the runtime, but the overall movie may feel a little dragged with it’s slow narration. Childhood love story and college life love story has some funny sequences that makes us tickle, but later half misses that fun and moves into serious mood. Climax ends on a emotional note that will surely connect to many true lovers out there.

While it comes to acting, Satyadev is a talent actor and we all know that. He is effortless in this movie and tries to impress audience with his dialouge delivery & comic timing. Tamannaah Bhatia is choosing the characters wisely these days. Her role from this movie has some scope to perform and she gave her best for the role. Megha Akash looks beautiful on screen, but has very limited screen time to perform. Kavya Shetty is not that impressive as Ammu. Priyadarshi was able to evoke few laughs. All other actors did their part well as required for the story.

Technically, Gurthunda Seetakalam looks good. Music composed by Kaala Bhairava is soulful, though the songs cannot be listened in a repeat mode after watching the film. Cinematography by Satya Hegde is decent and he was able to capture some beautiful landscapes from some exotic locations. Dialogues written by  Lakshmi Bhupala are very well written and adds feel to the scenes. Editing could have been better.

Director Nagashekar stayed true to the original and didn’t make too man changes to the story, that might have spoiled the soul of this beautiful love story.

Overall, Gurthunda Seetakalam is a loveable movie that will surely remind you of your past love stories.

Plus Points:

Actors performances


Minus Points:

Few dragged scenes

Rating: 3/5

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