GolMaal2020 Telugu Movie Review & Ratings

GolMaal2020 Movie Review: Golmaal2020 movie has released today February 18th, 2022, starring Vijay Shankar, Mahi Malhotra as the lead roles, Golmaal2020 is a small movie but makers promoted it well to reach out audiences attention, amid all other movies Golmaal 2020 getting positive reviews and makers believing that it will continue till the weekend ends. So let us see how this movie turned out to be good.

GolMaal2020 Movie Review


GolMaal2020 Telugu Movie Review & Ratings


The story is set in a village where Raghu fell in love with a girl and his friend looking for a relationship with an aged woman, however, everything goes well but the story takes a u-turn when Raghu and his family members and village MLA goes missing. Who is behind these kidnaps? How did their life affect is Golmaal 2020 remaining story.

Cast & Crew of GolMaal 2020 movie

Golmaal 2020 movie starring  Ram, Vijay Shankar, Akshata Sonawane, Mahi Malhotra played as lead roles and everyone did their part well and directed by John Jakki, Cinematography handled by Jagan A, Music composed by Kanishka and produced by KK Chaitanya under the production of Bobby Films.

Movie Name GolMaal
Cast Leads Ram, Vijay Shankar, Akshata Sonawane, Mahi MalhotraSiddhu Jonnalagadda, Neha Shetty, Prince Cecil, Brahmaji, Pragathi, Narra Srinivas
Director  John Jakki
Producer KK Chaitanya
Written by
 John Jakki
Music Kanishka
DOP  Jagan A

Movie Verdict

Golmaal 2020 movie is partly good, where the movie runs in the current times but the lead characters look in retro style and that is completely misfired throughout the movie as it didnt generate any comedy. The movie justified the title Golmaal2020 that what’s happening the film has nobody understands and that conveys that some Golmaal happening. If you have nothing to watch you can give it a try.

Movie Rating: 2.5 / 5

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