DSP is creating a striking background score (BGM) for Kanguva’s Glimpse.

One of the highly anticipated PAN Indian and highly budgeted movies Kanguva is going to release in theatres in 2024. In this movie we are going to see Suriya in a unique getup. On the occasion of the actor’s birthday, the makers have released a glimpse of the movie.

DSP is creating a striking background score (BGM) for Kanguva's Glimpse.

And the glimpse is really exciting, terrific, and the getup of Suriya is one of the high points of the glimpse. The fans of the actor are quite impressed, and now the fans are eagerly waiting for the new updates, and release of the movie in theatres. The Movie is made on a high budget on 200crores, and this is just Part I and there will be part II as well.

With the glimpse on Internet and Social Media, there have been talks that the movie will be a sure shot blockbuster. The teaser introduced the world of Kanguva and Suriya’s character is very powerful. The background music of this teaser is excellent, and it felt like DSP is back again with a bang.

The impact of BGM has elevated the hero in such a position that even though Suriya has just one dialogue in the teaser. It has given us the goosebumps. The technical aspects of the movie are also very good, and VFX is also top notch. In this movie Disha Patani is playing the lead role. Let’s wait for more updates now.

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