Director Telugu Movie Review & Ratings

Director Telugu Movie Review: Ashish Gandhi who has been predominantly working in the Telugu Film Industry, his previous film Naatakam was hit the theater in 2018 and that film was a decent hit, and after a long gap he came up with a unique film called Director. the was released in the theaters today March 18, 2022, and, doing pretty well at the theaters. so let’s see how this movie turned out to be good and whether this film is worth watching or not.

Director Telugu Movie Review


What’s the story of Director

Babu(Ashish Gandhi) who wants to become a film director as he vexed with the regular commercial film in the industry with that he wants to change the industry with his film and he starts narrating his story to several producers, in the proceedings he met with a girl and both fell in love, meanwhile, he starts living in the charters and he hallucinating someone in his house slowly it became a phobia, however, his life takes a different turn when a murder happened. Finally, who was the murderer? how does he get out of that case is the rest of the story?

Director Movie Cast & Crew

Director movie starring Ashish Gandhi, Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni, Marina Singh, Karthik Shiva, Antra Raut & Others and the film is directed by Kiran Ponnada & Karthik Krishna, while the cinematography done by Adithya Vardan and the music composed by Sai Kartheek and the film produced by Srikanth Deepala & Nagam Thirupathi Reddy under the banner of Vision Cinemas.

MovieName Director
Cast Leads Ashish Gandhi, Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni, Marina Singh, Karthik Shiva, Antra Raut & Others
Director Kiran Ponnada & Karthik Krishna
Producer Vamsi and Pramod
Written by Kiran Ponnada & Karthik Krishna
Music Sai Kartheek
DOP Manoj Paramahamsa

Movie Review

Director movie is a worth watch movie, though the screenplay is a bit slower pace, however the plot point of the film is quite regular but the director executed very well, and the movie starts off well but immediately falls flat again the gets interesting at the interval part. and the second half is the biggest asset of the film, the murder mystery unfolded quite interesting.

Ashish Gandhi as Babu is good but his looks didn’t suit the character and the rest of the cast did their part well and production values could have been better.

Director is a one-time watch film if you have nothing left to watch then you can give it a try, go without expectations you will like it.

Movie Rating: 3/5

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