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Chor Bazaar Movie Review: Tollywood’s ace director Puri Jagannadh’s son Akash has been trying to prove himself on his own feat in order to make his own identity he is been doing several films without his father’s support and Chor Bazaar is one among them, the film’s teaser and the trailer looked quite impressive, However, the film has released today June 24, 2022, amid all others films Chor Bazaar has got a good response from the audience and without any delay lets to delve into the in-depth review of Chor Bazaar and let’s know whether the film is worth watching or not.

Chor Bazaar Movie Review



Chor Bazaar narrates that Bachhan Pandey(Akash Puri) is a thug and for a living he removes tiers and he lives a carefree life in the process he met with a girl who is mute, but his life takes a different turn when he has to steal a diamond.

Cast & Crew

Chor Bazaar starring, Akash Puri, Gehenna Sippy, Subbarju, Sunil, Sampoorneshbabu and others, and the film was directed by B.Jeevan Reddy, cinematography Jagadeesh Cheekati, Music has done by Suresh Bobbili, background score Priyadarshan Balasubramanian and the film produced by V S Raju under the banner of V Productions.

Movie Name Chor Bazaar
Director B.Jeevan Reddy
Music Director Suresh Bobbili
Producer V S Raju
Genre Action
Cast Akash Puri, Gehenna Sippy, Subbarju, Sunil, Sampoorneshbabu
Editor Anwar Ali, Prabhu Deva

Movie Verdict

The film’s premise worked out well to bring the audience into that chor bazaar world but the core emotion we can’t find from the film from start to end, as the film starts well with some hero introduction and few characters establishing scenes.
Though the director confronts the conflict in the very beginning, the story deviates from the conflict and shifts to hero heroine love track,
To steal the most expensive diamond is the exciting point but we can’t that excitement on screen.
The first half went with quite good but the later half shifts into more thrilling with some emotions and those partly worked out in the film and in the proceedings feel like overstretched.
Akash as Bachchan Pandey is good as he proved that he is a good actor but he should try to play roles which suit him as this kind of roles need some experience it’s too early to do this type of roles and rest of the cast did their best.
Jeevan Reddy is known for George Reddy as chor Bazaar looks in complete contrast of his previous work, but his writing is not up to the mark and his writing could have been better.
Technically chor Bazaar looks good Jagadeesh Chekati’s cinematography is just like regular commercial films and Suresh Bobbili’s music is just okay.
Overall Chore Bazaar is a decent action entertainer, go watch it in the theaters.

Movie Rating: 3/ 5

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