BTS World Tour Schedule 2022, India Dates, Online Tickets, Full Tour Dates List

BTS World Tour India 2022: There has been widespread elation among BTS’s Indian fanbase upon learning of the group’s upcoming tour there. Supposedly, they’ll be in India in August of 2022, according to media reports. The group has found success with K-Pop songs, as well as R&B, Pop, and Electronic Dance Music. Their worldwide legion of stans enthusiastically supports their every move. Their fame among Internet users is enormous. Already, the Indian fans appear overjoyed about the prospect of seeing them in concert. However, essential details about their tours—including ticket prices, performance dates, and locations—are unavailable. However, we will share all the most recent news about the BTS World Tour, with a focus on India. Read on for a comprehensive rundown of BTS’s forthcoming World Tour 2022.

BTS World Tour Schedule 2022, India Dates, Online Tickets, Full Tour Dates List

BTS World Tour Schedule 2022 & India Tour

The members of BTS had previously performed at concerts in Los Angeles’ “SoFi stadium,” but this was their first time receiving permission to dance on stage in person since the outbreak. Members of BTS aren’t getting ready for the big event, and they plan to inform their fans on social media. Quite a few BTS fans in India are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the South Korean band. Hopefully, the BTS concert in Ahmedabad will be happening soon. There has, however, been no official announcement made about a BTS concert scheduled for India in 2023.

Many people in India consider BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) to be the best and most popular music group currently active. Even though there is no official date established for presentations, several reports have suggested July/August of 2022. (prediction). However, we will be discussing the official dates for easy ticket purchases. The members of BTS have been working on new music, and they plan to release it in June 2022. The tour stops for the band include continents as diverse as Australia, Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Latin America. Fans looking for information about BTS’s album release, globe tour, and concert tickets can do so through the band’s official website (

BTS World Tour Schedule 2023 Details

In 2023, BTS plans to tour Asia and India is on the list of 10 nations they will visit. This is fantastic news for all you BTS fans out there. The BTS will be travelling to eight different European countries. Take any ten locations in Asia at random. There are eleven BTS stores in the US.

Event BTS India Tour
Band Name BTS
Schedule 2023
BTS Full Form Bangton Sonondon,” OR “Beyond the Sense
Concert Location Delhi, Gujarat, Mumbai & Bangalore(expected)
Category Entertainment
Buy Tickets TBA
Tickets Price Anywhere Between Rs 1,000 – Rs 50,000 Per head
Official Website

The BTS India Concert 2022 Ticket Price

No official statements have been made by BTS’s event management partner in India as of yet. Also, there have been no related announcements from BTS. However, one can estimate a price by looking at how much other countries charged for BTS concerts. Concert tickets typically start at $50. Somehow, this can’t go over $250. In India, tickets can cost anywhere from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 50,000. Prices for tickets will, undoubtedly, be based on the capacity of the stadium or venue hosting the show. It’s also important to note that ticket prices will vary depending on the location and quality of the available seating. Ticket prices will undoubtedly be affected by the overwhelming demand for the concert.

How to register for BTS Concert Booking 2022 Tickets India?

Information on purchasing tickets to the BTS world events in 2023 will be made available in this section. The process of purchasing event tickets is straightforward. It is our intention to provide you with the most basic advice. Below are some of the simplest and most straightforward ticket-buying suggestions we could find. We could take a peek at them 

  • Your first port of call should be the organization’s main website. This item provides a direct connection to the same resource.
  • When you get to the main page of the site, look for a menu item labeled something like “how to buy tickets online” to find out how to buy tickets online.
  • If you select this option, you will be taken to a new page where you can choose the BTS India tour.
  • Once you’ve decided, you’ll be able to pick a date to watch the concert.
  • The next step is to choose the number of tickets you wish to buy.
  • If you want to buy this ticket, you must then click the “tightened with proceed” button.
  • The next step involves entering in some personal details.
  • After filling out the form, you’ll need to start the payment process.
  • A credit card, debit card, or online banking service will suffice to process the transaction.
  • The tickets can be downloaded to your smartphone when you have completed the payment process.

How to Get Preference When Purchasing BTS Concert Tickets

There may be a demand for concert tickets in India because fans are counting down the days until the arrival of BTS, one of their favorite bands. There may be a lack of data regarding BTS’s global tour. But there’s little doubt that tickets will sell quickly. The fans might be disappointed if the event sells out completely. This is why BTS is always asking its legion of fans to back the group. We will be giving BTS ARMY first dibs on concert tickets. In the meantime, all the fans need is a BTS ARMY Badge. Wearing this badge will increase your access to tickets.

Where will BTS perform in India?

Fans from all throughout the country have a wide variety of expectations. They’re all hoping that BTS would come to their town. Whether or not BTS will perform at multiple locations across India remains to be determined. The band BTS will reportedly play at ten different Asian locations. A number of locations in India are possible. Since Ahmedabad is home to the world’s largest cricket stadium, fans speculate that BTS will play there. Some fans, though, maybe making assumptions here, seeing as how Delhi is the nation’s capital and all. Since Mumbai is the center of India’s film and television production sector, BTS’s southern supporters assume the group will perform there.

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