Bose DK meaning in Telugu

Bose DK meaning in Telugu: The Word “Bhosdi Ke” (బోసిడికే) has created a lot of Controversy in Andhra Pradesh Politics. Recently TDP Party Spokes Person K Pattabhi Ram Called Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy as Bhosdi Ke. He Said in a Press Conference “ Bose DK ( బోసిడికే  )Jagan is irresponsibly allowing Drugs in Ap State”. Afte this incident AP governmet arrested  Pattabhi and On the Other Side many started searching the meaning of Bose Dk in different languages. Here we are giving you “Bhosedi K” Word’s Actual Meaning.

Bose DK (Abusive word?)

Bhose DK is an abusive Sexual word used in Hindi and Urdu language. Bhosdi is a word referring vagina. If any one addressing or abusing with word “Bhosdi ka”, It means they come out of Vagina. Usually all Humans comes from this word but to Abuse and Insult women in Partriarchal Society this word “Bhosdi Ka” is Used. Many People use “Bhosdi K” for men and “Bhosdi Ki” for Women. 

Common Word In Bengal

In Bengal Bhose is used as a Surname. Some People refer their name as Bose DK or DK Bose if their name is Deepak Kumar. There are million names in bengal with Deepak Kumar Bose”

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