Bigg Boss Telugu OTT, Date, Contestansts, Hosts, Prize Money

Bigg Boss Telugu Ott: Bigg Boss Telugu Ott soon going to start by February ending and many authentic sources have confirmed about it. Bigg Boss Host Nagarjuna already gave a hint about this Upcoming Bigg Boss Telugu Ott. He said that Bigg Boss Telugu New-season going to start soon. Lot of Buzz , rumours going on about this Bigg Boss Telugu Ott. Bigg Boss makers would officially confirm it in January 2022.

Bigg Boss Telugu Ott


25 Lakhs Prize Money

This Upcoming Bigg Boss Telugu Ott would be completely new and different from the Present Bigg Boss Telugu Seasons. Its going to be of 42 to 49 days whereas Bigg Boss Telugu regular is of 106 days. Prize money would also be fixed around 25 lakhs. Same 14 number of Contestants will be playing but the elimination process would be different. Every week double elimination may be there and some times mid week elimination may also happen.

Direct Access To Cameras

Viewers will have direct access to Bigg Boss cameras and they can stream it for 24 hours. This short term Bigg Boss Ott was already tried and completed in Hindi version which started from August 8 and Completed by September 18, 2021. Karan Johar hosted Bigg Boss hindi ott and Divya agarwal has been winner. Bigg Boss Hindi ott streamed only on Voot ott app.

Direct Nominations

Upcoming Bigg Boss Telugu Ott would stream on Television channel along with Hotstar streaming unlike Bigg Boss Ott hindi version. Telugu audience are much attached to the Televsion programs and so it would stream both in TV and Ott at same time. Audience would have access to 24 cameras and can nominate any contestant for Elimination.

Anchor Shiva 

As Prize money and time frame is less So Bigg Tollywood star like Nagarjuna, Jr.Ntr may not be hosting this show. Young actor would be getting chance this time. Some names of Young actors, Anchors have already been surrounding like VJ Sunny, Omkar, Pradeep Machiraju, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Anchor Suma.

Announcement In January 2022

Bigg Boss Telugu Ott Contestants would be from Social media Influencers group, Youtube Celebrities, Short film stars, Bigg Boss Season 5 not selected Celebrites. Youtube Anchor Shiva name also getting viral as Bigg Boss ott contestant. Bigg Boss makers would announce everything about this Bigg boss telugu ott by mid January 2022.

Bigg Boss Hindi Ott was officially announced on July 24 2021 and Show started from August 8, 2021. The same can be expected for Bigg Boss Telugu Ott also. Mostly it is expected to start in February ending or March Staring which means makers would confirm about time, contestants and game by January ending 2022.

Hotstar Streaming

Upcoming Bigg Boss Telugu Ott would stream on Disney Hotstar Ott. There is no chance as of now for other Ott platforms to stream this Bigg Boss telugu ott, because telugu audience have already subscribed HOTSTAR in a large number and so makers will stream it only on Hotstar Ott.

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