(starmaa.startv.com) Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Online Registration for Commoners

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Registration and Application Form: Bigg Boss Telugu is one of the most successful reality shows in the television industry, as of now Bigg Boss successfully completed 5 seasons which were aired on Star Maa and streamed on Disney+Hotstar, However, before starting Bigg Boss season 6, Bigg Boss team started Bigg Boss Non-Stop which was 24hours live on Disney + Hostar and it became one of the most successful show and Bindu Madhavi became title the winner.

Despite all these, now all the eyes are on Bigg Boss season 6,  lot of fans have been waiting for season 6 updates, well this time Bigg Boss team has decided to give a chance to common people, sounds exciting right well to become a Bigg Boss season 6 participant, Bigg Boss team will conduct audions and participate you need to register by filling a form. Stay tuned for a while to know everything about Bigg Boss season 6.


Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Registration Form:

Bigg Boss Season 6 Application/ Registration (starmaa.startv.com)

For a ticket to BB 6, the Bigg Boss team will conduct 2 levels of auditions and an audition period commencing from 23 May 2022 to 10 June 2022. However, this is a great opportunity for common people but to become a participant, there you need to clear 2 levels before you need to register to go by the given website.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Online Registration for Commoners

For commoners there will be a lot of doubts going in their brains regarding the process, don’t worry we are here to help you out, first and foremost you need to register and fill out the form on the given website, and after you need to carefully read the terms and conditions.


Big Boss Telugu Season 6 Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants’ ages must be between the age of 18 (eighteen) years and 70 (seventy) years i.e 18 (eighteen) years or above and 70 (seventy) years or below as of 10th May 2022, and are citizens and residents of India, as per applicable laws.
  • Shall be able to speak Telugu, Hindi, and English and ready to accept challenges.
  •  Participants must also be a citizen and residents of India.

Auditions Video Criteria

  • The participant should record a video to showcase he/she talent and that video should be a minimum of 60 seconds and a maximum of 180 seconds and should not exceed the size of 50MB
  • Once the recording is completed, the participant should upload a video to the given website, after that participant will get an SMS or E-Mail of confirmation.

Registration Process

  • Participants have to login starmaa.startv.com
  • After visiting the website, you need to fill the form with a valid mobile number and valid e-mail id
  • Once the mobile number or e-mail id is registered then you will receive OTP(One Time Password)
  • After that you need to read the Terms and Conditions carefully
  • Once you read all the Terms and Conditions, the participant must click the check box ‘I Accept Terms & Conditions
  • Once the participant shared all the personal details, the participant should upload a video.

Mandatory Fields

  •  Name of the participant.
  • Age.
  • DOB.
  • City.
  • Town.
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Pancard.
  • Passport Size photograph.
  • Upload Video.


The show is a telecast of the popular channel (respective channel). You can also enjoy the streaming of the show on the digital platform. The digital platform will be streaming the show on the Official App. You can download the app on your Android and IOS device. For Android devices download the app from the Google Play Store. And for IOS devices download apps from the Apple App Store.


How to Apply for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6

Visit starmaa.startv.com, To apply you need to visit the starmaa.startv.com website.

How can I apply for Bigg 6 in Telugu?

visit starmaa.startv.com, To enroll your self you need to visit the website called starmaa.startv.com

Bigg boss 6 Telugu Entry Fees in 2022?

It’s free, To Participate in Bigg Boss there are no fees charged by Bigg Boss management.

Where is Bigg Boss Telugu house?

Hyderabad, Bigg Boss show runs in Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad

Who is the big boss speaker?

Radhakrishna, Radhakrishna has been the speaker of Bigg Boss Telugu

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