Best Telugu Web Series in Zee5

Best Telugu Web Series in Zee5: Zee5 is one of the best platforms to watch regional the recent times Zee5 focuses on telugu content where Zee5 makes original movies and web series in telugu and that seems a good sign for Telugu Film Industry.

Best Telugu Web Series in Zee5

This article is mainly about the best telugu web series to watch.if you’re confused about what to watch amid plenty of content, i’m here to help you out with the best web series to watch.

So without any delay let’s jump into the topic.

Best Telugu Web Series in Zee5

1) Oka Chinna Family Story (2021)

Oka Chinna Family Story is a Zee5 telugu original comedy drama series, yet it has a deep emotional layer which will melt your heart.

Starring: Sangeeth Shoban, Simran Sharma, Naresh, Tulsi, Getup Srinu

Director: Mahesh Uppala


Story set in Warangal in the year 2019. Mahesh(Sangeeth Shoban) is a carefree guy who doesn’t care about family responsibilities and economical conditions.Mahesh is the only son of Haridas(Naresh) and Rukmini(Tulsi).

However, Haridas is a middle class responsible father where he is very particular about spending one rupee.Haridas always scolds Mahesh for not clearing degree subjects and not doing any job but his mother Rukmini thinks he is still a kid where mahesh thinks he deserves to to do big things rather small jobs, that’s how his life going on.

One day Haridas died in an accident where Mahesh lifes takes a turn when he got to know about his father Haridas took a loan of 25 lakhs, Mahesh and his mother gets shocked.

Finally, will Mahesh take the responsibility?  Will Mahesh repay the loan amout? Why did Haridas take a 25lakhs loan? What is the reason behind it? Is the rest of the story.

Oka Chinna Family Story is a story that looks simple yet impactful because the entire series is treated comically but the climax makes you emotional.a well designed characters makes you relatable for sure.

I’d say Oka Chinna Family Story is worth seeing series don’t miss it.

2) Loser Season2 (2022)

Loser is Zee5 original telugu sports drama webseries of 2022. Season1 received good reviews for its strong story and brilliant usual season2 also getting positive response.definitely Loser is a must watch web series.

Starring: Priya Darshi, Shashank, Kalpika, Pavani Gangireddy, Annie, Dhanya Balakrishna and others

Director: Abhilash Reddy


The story revolves around 3 sportspersons’ lives. Suri Yadav(PriyaDarshi) after overcoming a lot of struggles and politics in the game he became a National Champion in Rifle.Suri Yadav gets a government job at the same time but he chooses another path to earn more money where he quit his government job and met with an ad filmmaker called Maya(Dhanya Balakrishna). Meanwhile, Wilson(Shashank) ends his cricket life where he wants his son to be a cricketer and he starts training him.and Ruby(Kalpika) ends her relationship with husband she decided to pursue her badminton dream by training youngsters.

Finally, where their decisions take them in their life is the rest of the story.

Though Loser is a sports drama it is filled with a lot of emotional layers.and every character has an emotional story which will connect you while watching.

Loser web series will emotionalise you and inspire you don’t miss it.

3) Shootout at Alair (2020)

Shootout at Alair is Zee5 original crime drama web series of 2020.this series was inspired by real incidents.

Starring: Srikanth, Prakash Raj, Nandini Rai, Sampath Raj and others

Director: Anand Ranga

Season: One



The story revolves around 2007 Mecca Masjid Blasts. A radical muslim terrorist callled Akthar starts balming the police for blasting mecca masjid and he kills policemen one after other on every anniversary of mecca masjid blast.

However, while trying to break this chain murders IG Praveen Chand(Srikanth) know about Akthar.and IG Praveen starts an operation to catch Akthar and stops his mission.

Finally, will IG Praveen track Akthar and his network? What was Akthar’s mission is the rest of the story.

Shootout at Alair web series deals with a very sensitive topic and the director Anand Ranga executed without being hurt anyone.

Overall this series is an engaging crime drama to watch don’t miss it.

4) GOD- Gods of Dharmapuri (2019)

GOD is a telugu action drama web series of of the most intense action drama web series.

Starring: Satyadev, Raj Deepak Shetty, Sruthi Jayan, Karthik Rathnam, Jagadish Bhandari and others

Director: Anish Kuruvilla

Season: One

Episodes: 10


A town called Dharmapuri somewhere in Rayalaseema, D.N. Reddy(L.B Sriram) who is an educated man ruling the town, however Dharmapuri filled with mines, where Pratap Rddy(Raj Deepak Shetty) comes dharmapuri along with his wife Saroja(Sruthi Jayan) and his sons Venu Reddy(Satyadev) and Ravi(Karthik Ratham).

However, Pratap is an angry person who doesn’t want to be looked down upon. One day he fights with a man called Odappa and in the process, Pratap kills him and very soon Pratap becomes the centre of attraction in dharmapuri and D.N Reddy decides to kill him, but slowly pratap becomes a leader and as time passes he has taken entire dharmapuri in his control.

Here the war begins for power, as Pratap’s sons Venu and Ravi become adults.

Finally, Will Venu and Ravi take the legacy of Pratap is the rest of the story.

Though theoretically GOD looks like Gangs of Wasseypur but still GOD is a well written series in telugu.

GOD web series filled with intense drama and fine performances. Definitely GOD is a must watch web series, don’t miss it.

5) Amrutham Dhvitheeyam (2020)

Amrutham is one of the most unforgettable childhood memories. Still Amrutham never gets bored with natural comedy. Zee5 has released this series, definitely a must watch web series for all to get back our childhood memories.

Starring; Harsha vardhan, L.B Sreeram, Ragini and others

Director: Gangaraju Gunnam

Season: One

Episodes: 26


The story revolves around Amrutha Vilas restaurant. As usual Amrutham(Harsha Vardhan) and Anji(L.B Sreeram) returns to Amrutha Vilas and reopens the restaurant as the fun generates when Amrutha Vilas landlord Appaji enters and also hilarious fun generates when the duo attempts their business ideas for amrutha vilas.

Amrutham web series is a must watch series. It will surely take you back to your childhood if you know about the Amrutham serial. Don’t miss it.

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