Best Telugu Web Series in Hotstar

Best Telugu Web Series in Hotstar: Any movie or web series, all the OTT platforms releasing multiple languages to reach more audiences.even in spanish films and web series dubbed in telugu, if you want to watch any content in telugu you can easily get in any OTT platform. Especially on Hotstar there is lots of content to watch.

Best Telugu Web Series in Hotstar

This article is about the best dubbed web series in telugu, you can find here the best web series to watch.

Best Telugu Web Series in Hotstar

1) Human (2022)

Human is a hindi medical thriller of 2022 dubbed in telugu. Most disturbing series in recent times, let’s have a look at why this series is worth watching.

Starring: Shefali Shah, Kriti Kulhari, Seema Biswas, Aditya Srivastava and others

Director: Vipul Amruthlal Shah and Mozez Singh

Season: One

Episodes: 10


The story set in Bhopal and bhopal based Vayu Pharma Company MD Ashok Vaidya starts a SR93 drug trial on humans with collaboration of one hospital. SR93 drug was banned in Europe because of the higher death rates.but still Ashok Vaidya starts his trials on humans.

However, Dr, Saira Sabarwal(Kriti Kulhari) returns to her hometown for join in one the biggest hospital in Bhopal called Manthan, Saira Sabarwal feels so excited because she is going to work with her inspiration Gouri Nath(Shefali Shah) she is an MD of Manthan.

On the other side the SR93 drug affecting a lot in Bhopal innocent people lot of people getting diagnosed, unfortunately Saira Sabarwal’s father close person died with this drug effect where Saira Sabarwal keeps an eye about this incident.

In the process of investigation Saira knows about dangerous drugs. Here Gouri Nath enters into the situation and starts building a relationship with Saira so that she would not reveal to the media, however in the process of building a relationship Saira’s past tells that she is a lessbian and Gouri Nath takes advantage of it.

Finally, will Saira Sabarwal reveal the truth to the media? What is gouri nath part in the drug trai is the rest of the story. 

Human storyline is very intriguing, and the characters are designed very well. Every character has its own sense of world, Shefali Shah’s performance will make you stun.dont miss this brilliant medical thriller.

2) Grahan (2021)

Grahan is Hindi period drama web series of 2021 dubbed in telugu. This web series inspired by Satya Vyas Novel ‘ Chaurasi’.

Starring: Pwan Malhotra, Zoya Hussain, Wamika Gabbi, Anshuman Pushkar

Director: Ranjan

Season: One



The story revolves around 1984’s anti-sikh riots in Bokaro. Show starts with Amrita Singh(Zoya Hussain) who leads a special investigation team(SIT) ; however, with the political pressure she starts investigating 1984’s anti-sikh riots. In the process of investigation Amrita Singh finds that her father Gurusevak Singh(Pawan Malhotra) is the prime suspect. She confronts her father after he refuses to explain she decided to uncover the truth about her father.

Brilliant part in Grahan web series is 1984 love story Anshuman Pushkar played younger version of gurusevak singh. Grahan is an emotional series to watch.dont miss it.

3) Special ops 1.5 (2021)

Special Ops 1.5 is hindi spy thriller of 2021 dubbed in is prequel of Special Ops, Special Ops mainly focus on Himmat origin

Starring: Kay Kay Menon, Aftab Shivadasini, Vinay Pathak, and others

Director: Neeraj Pandey

Season: Two



The show starts with Abbas Shaik(Vinay Pathak) narrating Himmat (Kay Kay Menon) ‘s story to Chadhha(Parmeet Singh) and Banerjee(Kali Prasad).

The narration takes place in the 2000’s, the 4 episodes of the series are all about Himmat’s story as how he evolved as a secret agent.

Special Ops 1.5 is a gripping mini series. You will delve into Himmat’s world while watching this series.

Don’t miss this engaging action thriller.

4) Aarya 2 (2021)

Aarya2 is Hindi crime thriller of 2021 dubbed in telugu. One of the best series to watch in telugu.

Starring: Susmitha Sen, Namitha Das, Ankur Bhatia, Chandrchur Singh

Director: Ram Madhvani

Season: Two

Episodes: 8


Aarya 2 starts where Aarya season 1 ended, Aarya Sareen(Susmitha Sen) who is living in Australia and returns to India to testify in court against Rajasthan  drug mafia.again Aarya surrounded by enemies. Finally, How Aarya and her kids  get out of this mess is the rest of the story.

Aarya 2 is a well written web series in recent times. I’d say Aarya2 is a must watch web series, don’t miss it.

5) Criminal Justice (2020)

Criminal Justice is a Hindi drama web series dubbed in of the best intense court drama web series to watch in telugu.

Starring: Pankaj TRipathi, Kriti Kulhari, Jisshu Sengupta, Anupriya Goenka

Director: Rohan Sippy and Arun Mukerjee


Episodes: 8


Anu(Kriti Kulhari) who stabs her husband Vikram(Jisshu Sengupta), Madhav MIshra(Pankaj Tripathi) who is a small-time lawyer always looking for cases to investigate.

However, Madhav Mishra takes up Anu’s case but in the process of investigation things take a turn when Vikram dies in the hospital.

Finally, why did Anu stab her husband? Will Madhav Mishra solve the case is the rest of the story. 

Criminal Justice, quite an engaging crime drama, well written characters and fine performance made justice a criminal watchbale series.

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