Best Telugu Web Series in Aha

Best Telugu Web Series in Aha: Aha OTT telugu platform bringing brilliant content for telugu audience. Recently it upgraded as Aha2.o which means the entertainment Aha 2.o they decided to release one movie every friday.

Best Telugu Web Series in Youtube

Not just movies Aha making a lot of original web series, if you are confused what to watch, i’m here to help you out. I’m going to recommend a few best web series to watch on AhaOTT. Let’s jump into the topic.

Best Telugu Web Series in Aha

1) Locked (2020)

Locked is an Aha original web series of 2020. One of the best experimental series ever made in telugu.

Starring: Satyadev, Abhiram Verma, Samyuktha Hornad, Bindu

Directed By: Pradeep Deva Kumar

Season: One

Episodes: 7


Anand(Satyadev) is Neurosurgeon in the city, he is the best at his work and he saves many lives everyday unfortunately he couldn’t save his wife’s life from a brain tumour. After his wife’s death he started his research on the Altering Memory Module.

However, after several hectic surgeries Anand comes to his home to take rest, but within a few minutes he gets an emergency call from the hospital, after Anand went to the hospital some strange person enters his house.

A few minutes later the duo thieves a grandmother and  young lady enters into his house, Anand returns to his home and he finds someone in his house. A few minutes later Anand’s colleague comes to his house with a police officer to hang out.

A few minutes later Misba’s wife Fatima comes to his home to share her problems.

However, everyone is locked in Anand’s mansion, here the shocking truth revealed that the police officer finds some human organs in Anand’s house, the police officer starts asking him but after an immense argument Aanand kills him here Aanan’s darks side revels.

However, horrible chaotic situations take place in Anand’s house.

Finally, why does Anand kill everyone? Will all the trapped people escape? What is altering the memory module? To know all these you need to watch the series.

Locked is a must-watch telugu web series. This kind of content is appreciable in telugu. Everything is unique in this web series the story,the making and Satadev’s brilliant performance.

Those who love set-edge thrillers, this web series is for them don’t miss it.

2) Kudi Yedamaithe (2021)

Kudi Yedamaithe is an Aha original sci-fi thriller web series of 2021.this series one of the brilliant and experimental web series in telugu.Timeloop concepts are always exciting to watch.

Starring: Rahul Vijay, Amala Paul, Ravi Praash, Nithya Shri etc.

Director: Pawan Kumar

Season: One

Episodes: 8


Adhi(Rahul Vijay) is an aspiring actor and he works as a food delivery boy for survival.oneday he went an apartment for food delivery where he finds a girl about to die he gets shocked and going back on the the bike, unfortunately he met with an accident with a police vehicle where Adhi died and the police officer Durga(Amala Paul) also died.

The next day both get up as usual in their houses, both get shocked because they remember the accident, after  several incidents Adhi and Durga come to know that they are stuck in a TimeLoop which means feb29 repeatedly happening in their lives. 

Finally,will they get out of that time loop? How the time loop helps to stop the real life incidents in Adi and Durga’s is the rest of the story.

Kudi Yedamaithe is a most original and unique movie made by Aha platform.this web series is made by Pawan Kumar who is known for his experimental films like Lucia and Uturn.

Kudi Yedamaithe will definitely grab your attention while watching and don’t miss this thrilling telugu web series.

3) Sin (2020)

Sin is an Aha original web series of 2020.this series addressed sensitive social taboos which we never spoke about.

Starring: Thiruveer, Deepti Sati, Jeniffer Piccinato, Ravi Verma

Director:  Naveen Medaram

Season: One

Episodes: 7


Anand(Thiruveer) is a middle class person who works at a social welfare office.he marries Nanditha(Deepti Sati). Nanditha marries him because of her parents force, otherwise she has no interest in marriage.

On their first night Anand shows animalistic behaviour which Nanditha doesn’t feel comfortable with. Later Nanditha realises that Anand needs physical satisfaction, however when Nina(Jeniffer Piccinato) comes from the US for voluntary work at the social welfare office where Anand works.

However, Story takes a turn when Nandith knows about Anand’s affair with Nina, Nina also falls for him too.

Finally, How does Anand deal with this love triangle? Why Nanditha doesn’t like marriage? Is the rest of the story.

Sin web series is a bold web series in telugu as of now, because it discussed about sensitive topics like domestic violence mainly this focuses on maritial rape, which much needed topic to discuss because even in today’s world still lot of womens are facding this this situation.

Kudos to director Naveen Medara for bringing this contnet.

4) 11th Hour  (2021)

11th hour is an Aha original drama web series of 2021.this series is about how a women will conquer a man’s world.

Starring: Tamannah Bhatia, Arun Adith,  Madhusudhan Rao, Vamsi Krishna

Director: Praveen Sattaru

Season: One



Aratrika Reddy(Tamannah Bhatia) is CEO of Aditya Group Of Companies, her dream is to provide a quality power even in rural villages with the technology called(AHNR) Advanced Hybrid Nuclear Reactor.

However, with corporate politics Aditya Group and the stakeholders had to pay 9000 crores to the Imperial Bank by 8Am in the morning.

Finally, will Aratrika Reddy save her company? Why does Aratrika have to pay 9000 crores ? What is the conspiracy behind this? To know all these you watch the series.

The 11th hour web series is written by the successful director Praveen Sattaru, I would say a well written script in recent times and the story unfolds over one night which is an interesting point to watch the series.

11th hour is the best telugu web series to watch don’t miss it.

5) Commitmental (2020)

Commitment is an Aha original comedy web series of 2020. This series is about long distance relationships.

Starring: Udbhav Raghunandan, Punarnavi Bhupalam, Venkatesh Kakumanu

Director:Pavan Sadineni

Season: One

Episodes: 5


Pani(Udbhav Raghunandan) comes from the US after 3 years to surprise Anu(Punarnavi Bhupalam), both are in a long distance relationship over the years.

However, Pani asks Anu to marry him, but reluctantly Anu the proceedings irritates with Pani’s over possessiveness behaviour which leads to calls of marriage.

Finally, how they accept each other with different ideologies forms the rest of the story.

Commitment is an urban rom-com web series, which is very relatable to all the youth.

Those who love rom-com series don’t miss it.

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