Best Telugu Thriller Movies on OTT

Best Telugu Thriller Movies on OTT: Thriller genre has a separate fanbase, the popularity never decreases. It always feels exciting to watch thriller movies and mainly thriller movies play with your brain and that’s the most fun part of watching thriller movies.

Best Telugu Thriller Movies on OTT

Telugu quality of making films has drastically changed, a lot of unique films are coming from telugu and moreover a lot of thriller movies are coming in these days.

If you don’t know what to watch, here i am recommending the best telugu thriller movies in OTT.


Best Telugu Thriller Movies on OTT

1) Family Drama (2021)

Family Drama is a telugu psychological thriller film of was directly released on Sonyliv and i’d say this kind of movie is very rare in telugu.

Starring: Suhas, Anusha Nuthula, Teja Kasarapu, Pooja Kiran 

Director: Meher Tej

Streaming On: Sonyliv


Laxman(Teja Kasarapu) and his wife Yamini( Pooja Kiran) live with his parents. His father Sanjay Ratha always abuses him for not doing anything.but Laxman wants to do a business for that he needs some money but his father refuses to give then he gets upset with his father behaviour and decides to kill him.

Laxman has brother Rama(Suhas),because of his unsettled life and strange behaviour he is kicked out of his father’s home.however Rama gives a poison to Laxman to get hi father complete paralyzed, Laxman executes the plan with the help of his mother,reluctantly she accepts to do it and he immediately gets paralyzed.

Surprisingly Rama gives re-entry to the house with his wife Mahathi(Anusha Nuthukula) after that Laxman and Rama tries to get signature of his father for money but story takes drastic turn when Yamini saw Rama murdering his friend and Mahathi Saw Laxman murdering his father’s friend.

Finally, why did the duo kill them? After knowing about their husbands real behaviour, how they deal with the situation is the rest of the story.

FamilyDrama has a unique style of making and Brilliant performance by Suhas.Movie title will definitely grab your attention.

Don’t miss this brilliant movie.

‘FamilyDrama’ movie is currently streaming on ‘Sony Liv’

2) Adbhutham (2021)

Adbhutham is telugu sci-fi thriller movie of 2021. It was directly released on Hotstar and the crazy concept we experience in this film.

Starring: Teja Sajja, Shivani, Sathya

Story By: Prasanth Varma

Directed By:Mallik Ram

Streaming On: Hotstar


Surya(Teja Sajja) who works at a news channel, one day decides to commit sucide and Vennela(Shivani) who is trying to crack the GRE exam at the same time her father trying to fix marriage without her intrest.

However she also decided to commit sucide but a miracle happens when both get messages with the same number and that leads to shock. Surya and Vennela don’t understand how it is possible to have the same number for both.

However, within no time both realises that they are in a different timeline.

Finally, how are they connected? and how their life changed after knowing this shocking truth is the rest of the story.

Small films come up with unique concepts and they are engaging too.Adbhutam will make you excited while watching.

The scenes of different timelines were designed interestingly. Definitely adbhutham is a must-watch telugu thriller movie available on Hotstar.

3) Playback (2021)

Playback is a telugu cross-time connection thriller movie of 2021. Lack of promotion, a lot of people are unaware of this experimental movie, but it is a must-watch movie for thriller lovers.

Starring: Dinesh Tej, Ananya Nagalla, TNR

Director: Hari Prasad Jakka

Streaming On: Aha


Karthik(Dinesh Tej) is a crime reporter at TV5, he shifts to old building to stay with his friend where Karthik finds a Landline Telephone after a while that telephone rings and Karthik lifts the phone other side on the call is Sujatha(Ananya Nagalla).

However, Sujatha frequently calls to Karthik and shares her problems with him, later one fine day Karthik knows a shocking truth that the Landline Telephone doest have connection.

When a twist arises Karthik gets shocked but within no time Karthik knows another twist is Sujatha calling from a different timeline which is 1993 and he is in the year of 2019.

However, he understands the theory about Cross-Time connection, after knowing all these the real thrill begins.

Karthik tries to help sujatha to get away with her problems because he tries to change the events in his present timeline, these scenes give you excitement while watching.

Finally, who is Sujatha? Why she calls Karthik and what is the relationship between them forms the rest of the story.

 Playback is a very experimental film in telugu,though playback is small film but the concept and the execution is engaging.

Playback movie is a must watch movie available on Aha.

4) Senapathi (2021)

Senapathi is an Aha original thriller movie of 2021. Legendary actor Rajendra Prasad has a lead role and his makeover looks completely unique, we have never seen him before.Senapati received decent response when it got released and i’d say it is a decent thriller to watch.

Starring: Rajendra Prasad, Naresh Agastya, Satya Prakash, Jeevan Kumar, Gnaneshwari Kandregula and others.

Director: Pavan Sadineni

Streaming On: Aha


Krishna(Naresh Agastya) who is an honest police officer and he wants to become an IPS officer, however things take a turn when he loses his GUN.

In the process of nabbing a notorious criminal he loses his gun and surprisingly Krishna Murthy(Rajendra Prasad) gets that gun and he starts killing one by one.

Finally, who is Krishna Murthy? Why is he killing? How Krishna’s life is affected with the acts of Lrishna Murthy forms the rest of the story.

Senapathi premise is quite interesting though it was shot in hyderabad. Brilliant performances by Rajendra Prasad and well written characters makes senapathi an engaging thriller don’t miss it.

5) GameOver (2019)

GameOver is a psychological thriller movie of 2019.this movie will never disappoint you and is a must watch movie for thriller lovers.

Starring: Taapsee Pannu, Vinodhini, Parvathi T, Ramya Subramanian and others.

Director: Ashwin Saravanan

Streaming On: Netflix


The story unfolds with series of brutal murders happening in the city, Swapna(Taapsee Pannu) is a video game developer and lives alone in her house amd she has a phobia of darkness.

However, Swapna is addicted to a game called GAME OVER, where she goes to a tattoo shop to get inked a gameover symbol, Swapan’s life takes a turn after inking that tattoo.

She suffers a lot and she experiences some horrible dreams and she decides to remove that tattoo where she knows the real mystery behind it.

 Finally, what is the mystery? How does it linked series of murders with swapna’s life is the rest of the story.

GameOver is a seat edge thriller to watch. This movie is filled with a lot of thrilling elements. And you will never get distracted while watching the movie because it is hooked throughout the movie, don’t miss this gripping thriller available on Netflix.

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