Best Telugu Podcasts on Spotify

Best Telugu Podcasts on Spotify: A lot of Telugu podcasts are getting more popular as they are being featured on popular music apps in India.  Spotify one of the top music app has been playing podcasts in all Indian languages. There are popular podcasts including Telugu Geeks Podcast, Telugu Kathaulu By Pavani, Chai Bisket Telugu Podcast, Telugu interesting Facts, Garikapati Gyananidhi are the topmost among podcasts featured on Spotify.  

Best Telugu Podcasts on Spotify

Below is the list of Top Telugu Podcasts on Spotify

1. Garikapati Gyananidhi  

Garikapati Narasimha Rao is one of the Telugu Avadhanis in AP. His discourse makes us realize and ponder upon several issues life, salvation, the art of work, knowledge, and ignorance, and more. He talks about all topics. He delivers lecutrures on personality development on Hindu cluture and way of life.

2. Puri Musings

One of the most notable Telugu film directors Puri Jagannadh has started his own podcasts on Spotify and YouTUbe where he did talk upon all issues like life, work, woman, spirituality, old age, and more being faced by humans. It was started during the lockdown period. He also talked about history, love, hate, sex, alcoholism, women’s dignity, and his view towards life. You can listen to and enjoy his musings on Youtube and Spotify.  

 3. Samavedh Sagas:

It talks about life, nature, entrepreneurship, motivation, and travelling. It has listed peoples’ travel experiences. It has list of talks named with Yemito Ee Maaya and interview of notable peoples like actors, writers, and director’s personal experiences. You would get insights of eminent peoples.  

 4. Sounds Good By Harish Shankar

Gaddalakonda Ganesh film director Harish Shankar has recently started his own podcast. He on the podcasts share his experience with film stars like Pawan Kalyan, Ravi Teja, and more. He also shared his struggles and how did he overcome the obstacles before he entered into the film industry.

5. Dabba Kathalu

Dabba Kathalu is one of the Top Telugu Podcasts . It talks about past experiences of 90s kids that truly connect with a lot of us. The narrator chose the stories we for sure love to listen to. The stories that are being said here are all we have had enjoyed during our childhood days. He covered so many topics with titel like Slambox, Jetix, Iyengar Bakery, Panchatantram and more.   

6. Parasuram Srinivas

Parasuram Srinivas is a another popular Telugu podcast that amaze and entertain audinces with his insights and skills. There are several notable episodes like Be Selfish, Ne Prema Ni Karma, Helena Chayyaku Bro, and more have left audiences in awe.

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